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The complete Neon Pothos care guide

Want to add a neon Pothos to your houseplant collection? They are beautiful and easy to care for! Here’s my complete neon pothos care guide!

Pothos is one of my favorite house plants because it is easy to find, easy to keep alive, and easy to propagate!

I have really been enjoying collecting different types of pothos plants since I feel confident in keeping them alive and thriving in my house.

One of those varieties is the neon pothos plant!

neon pothos hanging plant

What is neon pothos?

Neon pothos (Epipremnum aureum ‘Neon’) is a variety of the pothos plant with lime green neon leaves.

See my Golden Pothos vs Neon Pothos comparison!

Neon pothos origins

Neon pothos is natively found in the Soloman Islands in Oceania. In the wild, these plants grow climbing up the trunks of large tropical trees.

Is neon pothos rare?

No – neon pothos is very common and I see it most every time I am at Home Depot or Lowes. Even if it is super common, it’s still a cool plant!

Is neon pothos toxic?

Yes, all pothos plants are toxic to humans and pets. Don’t let anyone eat it!

neon pothos hanging plant

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Pothos plant care guide
neon pothos care guide

Neon pothos plant care guide

Neon pothos is very, very easy to care for. Here’s what you need to know!

Neon pothos watering

Neon pothos needs moderate watering. When the top 2 inches of soil feel dry (stick your finger in to find out!) water.

Be sure that the pot has drainage holes. Pooling water can lead to root rot and plant death!

Read my guide on drilling drainage holes in pots!

How often should I water my neon pothos?

Water your pothos when the top two inches of potting soil feels dry to the touch. For me, this is once a week.

The hotter/sunnier your plant is, the more often it will need water. Remember that in the winter, indoor heating can dry plants out just as much as summer heat!

Should I mist my neon pothos?

Pothos plants LOVE to be misted to mimic their native tropical habitat. You should mist all pothos varieties!

Can neon pothos grow in just water?

Yes, pothos can grow just in water with no soil. In my experience,

neon pothos hanging plant

Neon pothos lighting needs

Pothos in general do well in bright, indirect light. They will survive in lower lighting conditions, but they won’t thrive.

Direct light (outside uncovered or even directly in a south facing window) will burn their leaves a crispy brown. Remember, in nature they grow under the shade of larger trees.

Can I keep neon pothos outdoors?

Yes – neon pothos loves being outdoors, especially in humid areas. Keep them out of direct sun and bring them indoors when temperatures drop below 50 degrees.

I love pothos for a hanging basket or as a “spiller” from any large potted plant or window box.

Neon pothos soil + potting

Neon pothos are not picky on their soil. They do well with regular soil mix for potted plants.

Does neon pothos like to be root bound?

These plants will tolerate being a little root bound, but they will slow down growth and can even start dropping leaves if the roots get too crowded to absorb nutrients.

Repot your plant to a pot 1-2 inches larger as needed. You don’t want to move it to too big of a pot, which can lead to pooling water and root rot.

Does neon pothos need a moss pole?

Neon pothos can grow trailing, hanging, or climbing. If you let them climb, the leaves will get much larger and can even turn to a bright yellow variegated neon!

They can climb a moss pole or a trellis of any kind.

Here’s my guide on how to make a moss pole!

close up of neon pothos hanging plant

Neon pothos fertilization

You can fertilize your neon pothos during growing season (warmer months) using any general houseplant fertilizer.

How to propagate neon pothos

It is extremely easy to propagate neon pothos in water.

  1. Identify a healthy branch, preferably with new growth
  2. Snip the branch with sharp scissors
  3. Remove any lower leaves
  4. Place in water so at least 1 – preferably 2 – nodes are underwater
  5. Change the water once a week and top off as necessary
  6. See roots form in 2-4 weeks
  7. Once the roots are 2-3 inches long, plant in soil
neon pothos hanging plant

Troubleshooting neon pothos

How do you make neon pothos more neon?

The trick to making the leaves more neon is to get them brighter light. That bright light can even bring out variegation in the leaves!

How do you make neon pothos bushier?

If your plant is looking long and leggy, trim some of the stems (and propagate them!) This will encourage new growth towards the base of the plant.

Why won’t my neon pothos grow?

Pothos should grow pretty quickly in warmer months. If your plant is not growing quickly, be sure it is getting enough light and water. Consider fertilizing the plant!

Can neon pothos become variegated?

Yes, some pothos has bright yellow variegation. Bright light will help to bring it out.

Lemon lime philodendron vs neon pothos

Neon pothos and lemon lime philodendron are similar plants but they are not the same. They both have similar bright, neon coloring and heart-shaped leaves. Philodendrons have longer, thin leaves. Neon Pothos leaves are larger and thicker in size and shape.

Thanks for reading!

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