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Why is my neon pothos turning green?

Is your neon pothos turning green? Find out how to care for your plant effectively and prevent it from losing its vibrancy.

Growing a home garden or caring for your home greeneries can be incredibly rewarding.

Your effort pays off by having healthy plants that beautify your home. In addition, giving yourself a sense of nature further improves your mental health.

However, not all plants are easy to grow, and with Neon Pothos care, you’re bound to run into some problems occasionally.

With that, if your neon pothos is turning green, you must be concerned about it.

In this guide, we’ll explain why your plant changes color, how to care for it effectively and prevent neon pothos from turning green.

neon pothos turning green.

The reason behind the neon color of the pothos

The neon pothos, a subtype of the common pothos, is bright green, hence the name.

It is due to a gene alteration that encodes the chlorophyll in the leaves responsible for the plant’s color.

By doing so, less chlorophyll is secreted, and as a result, the hue of the plant resembles the one we see in highlighter markers.

However, this genetic alteration is not final. In other words, it’s not uncommon to see neon pothos turning green, which in turn worries the people who grow it.

Why is your neon pothos turning green?

There are several reasons why your neon pothos is reverting.

We will look at some of the most common ones, where you will be able to conclude what the cause is in your specific case and correct it.

close up of neon pothos hanging plant

Inappropriate Sunlight

The most essential element in producing a healthy neon photo is light.

As we explained earlier, this plant has less chlorophyll, so it needs more light.

If you haven’t provided the appropriate conditions, that’s probably why your neon pothos are turning dark green.

It is important to know that this plant requires indirect light because direct exposure to the sun can damage the delicate leaves.

When faced with a reverting neon pothos, consider changing the location of your plant in your home.

You should choose a shady spot that gets a bit of sunlight daily, though you should ensure that the sunlight is not hitting it directly.

Once the colors of the leaves start to become vibrant again, you know you’ve done a good job.

Alternatively, if your neon pothos still keep turning green, something else might be the issue.

neon pothos (larger plant) next to lemon lime philodendron
neon pothos (larger plant) next to lemon lime philodendron


Air humidity is also important for the proper growth of your neon pothos as well as maintaining a beautiful bright color.

Typically, about 60 percent humidity is needed.

Of course, you can achieve it by injecting water vapor or placing the plant in a room with higher humidity, such as the bathroom.

Cold Temperature

Cold rooms might also be the cause for your neon pothos turning green.

To this end, try to keep the room where you keep your plant in the range of 75-85°F or 23 to 29°C.

wilting neon pothos plant


The plant’s age is another cause for reverting neon pothos. Especially because this subtype of pothos is genetically created and has unstable alterations.

Therefore, no matter how well you store it, you cannot control the loss of vibrancy.

How to take care of your neon pothos

After going through the reasons why your neon pothos are turning green, the next step is to explain how to best take care of it.

This will help you maintain the striking neon color and extend the life of the plant.

neon pothos in a hanging basket outdoors

Provide sufficient natural lighting

As we mentioned earlier, having good light conditions is essential for both color and overall plant health.

Therefore, your plant should be placed in a bright place. However, be careful not to overdo it.

Direct exposure to the sun burns the leaves and fades them.

In addition to the light itself, during direct exposure, we also have high heat, which further damages the leaves.

So, instead of neon, you will get burnt yellow leaves.

For the best growth but also the best color, you need to find a bright place that does not have direct contact with the sun.

That is, the light should be filtered. The window glass itself, but also the curtains, can be of great help.

You can easily check if a particular spot is good for your reverting neon pothos by observing the shadows. If the shadow has irregular edges, then the light is well diffused.

Alternatively, if they are sharp, then you have direct light and should move the plant.

Also, don’t forget to rotate your pothos often.

It will prevent the plant from turning towards the light source. It is important to remember that the level of light is not seen through the already-existing leaves but through those yet to grow.

If you like the color of the new leaves, then you have corrected the conditions. Otherwise, you should look for another solution.

watering plants neon pothos

Ensure a proper watering schedule

Usually, watering the neon pothos that are turning green depends on the conditions in which they live.

If you keep it in a bright and warm place, you must water it more often.

But to be sure, check the soil moisture. Before the topsoil completely dries, don’t even think about watering because you will damage the roots.

Having a nutrient-rich soil

The nutrients in the soil of your pothos play a big role in the growth and maintenance of the neon color.

To this end, consider adding fertilizer to the soil monthly. Still, be careful about the concentration you use.

printable plant care tags on a neon pothos

Proper pot

The right pot is also important to the growth of your pothos. Make sure to keep it in a pot that has a good drainage system for the remaining water.

As the root grows, replace the pot with a larger one to provide enough space.

Regular pruning

Pruning your neon pothos is vital to maintaining the plant’s health.

Cut off any damaged or dead leaves with a sharp blade. You can also trim the darker green leaves to preserve the predetermined beautiful neon color.

Of course, be careful not to overdo it to avoid damaging your plant.

Before you go…

Keeping such a delicate piece of greenery is not always easy. However, by providing good conditions, especially light, neon pothos turning green will be a thing of the past!

If you liked this article and want to learn more about maintaining your plants, check out our other blogs.

Thanks for reading!

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