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Can I grow neon pothos outdoors?

Considering growing Neon pothos outdoors? Discover the essential care tips to ensure your vibrant green pothos thrives in the natural environment!

The neon pothos, known for its vibrant bright green hue, is a popular houseplant.

Also, Neon Pothos care is relatively easy to care for as long as you provide it with the appropriate conditions.

However, even though it’s a popular indoor plant, you must wonder if you could grow neon pothos outdoors.

The simple answer is yes, but in this article, we will talk more about neon pothos outdoor care.

We’ll explore the pros and cons to help you decide if neon pothos outdoor growth is suitable for you. Read on for more insights.

Can I grow neon pothos outdoors?

Benefits of keeping your neon pothos outdoors

Now that you know whether you can put a neon pothos outside, let’s take a look at the conditions you need to provide it with.

Lots of light

You really need to be careful about the placement of neon pothos outdoors, primarily since you can’t provide them with ideal conditions as indoors.

It needs a lot of indirect light to maintain the striking green color. Because of this, your plant will thrive outdoors much better than inside.

However, it should be known that neon pothos do not like direct exposure to the sun.

It can damage and stunt growth, as well as cause the leaves to change color to a darker green.

So, find a place in the garden where the pothos will be protected from the sun and still have enough light.

Since other plants are known to protect against direct exposure, you can plant your pothos next to a tree so that it continues to grow up its trunk.

neon pothos in a hanging basket outdoors

Improved growth

Because of the limited light in the home, your neon cannot reach its maximum growth potential.

But in outdoor conditions where light is abundant, you can expect your neon to reach more than 15 feet (450 cm) in length.

 Whereas if you are in a tropical climate, the length can exceed 55 feet (1,5 m).


Rain is the supreme method of watering plants, which is available when keeping neon pothos outdoors.

Unlike tap water, commonly used to irrigate plants, rain has no chemicals. This prevents damage to the plants and promotes their health.

Plenty of nutrients

To preserve the neon color of your pothos, but also to promote growth, nutrients in the soil play a big role.

Growing in a pot means less soil, and nutrients are used up faster. With that in mind, you will be forced to trash it often.

On the other hand, if you plant neon pothos outside, the soil will not lose nutrients as quickly, and fertilization may be less frequent.

Drawbacks of keeping your neon pothos outdoors

As with anything, there are downsides to growing neon pothos outdoors as well that you should keep in mind.

Temperature changes

Unlike outdoors, where the temperature is variable, you can easily control the temperature inside the home.

This is of utmost importance for growing neon pothos.

Namely, if you live in an area where there are large temperature differences, you will need to bring your plant into the home, especially if the temperature drops below 55°F (12°C).

However, if you live in an area where the temperature is warmer and does not fluctuate as often, your pothos will have no problems outdoors.

Also, during the winter months, when cold temperatures are expected, your pothos should not be outdoors – it can freeze.

That said, you can do rotations. In the summer, your neon can be outdoors and inside your home the rest of the year.

neon pothos - leaf reverting back to emerald green


Insect and pest damage to your plant are more common when you keep your neon pothos outdoors.

Of course, some problems can also occur during storage at home, but they are less frequent and more noticeable.

Also, treatment of plague attacks is easier in indoor conditions compared to outdoor.

Changing the Landscape

When keeping your neon pothos outside, any changes to the landscape pose a problem for the plant itself.

 In other words, if you have it planted, the pothos can be exposed to direct light when removing other plants or changing their place.

Also, if your neon is growing on a tree trunk in the yard, damage is almost inevitable when removing that tree.

However, if you keep your pothos in a pot, and it’s only outdoors seasonally, this shouldn’t be a problem as you can easily change its location.

neon pothos with yellow leaves

When should you consider bringing your neon pothos indoors

As we mentioned above, the time to consider bringing your pothos indoors is when temperatures drop below 55°F (12°C).

However, before moving it, be sure to inspect the plant for possible diseases and problems, as this is a vital step in neon pothos outdoor care.

These include leaf spots, yellowing, and leaf stickiness.

Also, don’t forget to check for insects because if you bring them into the home with other plants, you have a big problem.

Bringing your pothos into the home should be gradual.

At first, place it in the brightest spot in the home, then gradually move it to a darker one to adapt. Normally, the position in the home depends on the color of the leaves.

If the leaves start to turn green instead of neon, the plant lacks light, and you should reposition it.

What if you forget to bring it inside?

Expect damage if you miss a forecast and leave your neon pothos outdoors in cold temperatures.

How extensive that damage will be depends on the duration of the cold exposure, as well as on the temperature itself.

Changes usually include yellowing and dropping of the leaves, and root damage may also occur.

If you notice abnormalities, sharpen them until you reach a healthy place. Otherwise, the rottenness will spread.

However, if your pothos is too damaged, try to find at least one healthy part to propagate it.

Before you go…

As you can see, keeping your neon pothos outdoors is more than possible.

 Of course, by providing the necessary conditions for growth and preventing possible problems, you ensure the safety of your plant.

We hope this article has helped you determine if you want to keep your neon pothos outside, even if only seasonally.

If you are interested in more content like this and want to learn more tips for keeping your plants, check out our other blogs.

Thanks for reading!

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