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The easiest way to propagate Pothos plants from cuttings!

Want to turn one Pothos plants into TONS of new plants? Here is a step by step guide + VIDEO for how to root pothos cuttings in water!

Love plants? Plant propagation is an easy way to get free new plants. I love propagating plants and pothos (epipremnum aureum) is one of my favorite indoor plants (and one of the easiest plants) to propagate. 

Pothos is a great plant to have around your house because it is super hardy and easy to keep alive. They are called devil’s ivy due to their ability to grow quickly and take over trees and gardens in the wild.

It doesn’t need much sun (though it does grow faster in a sunny window).

It doesn’t need much water either – I water mine until water runs out the bottom of the pot once per week.

Because it is so easy to grow, I have pothos all over my house. Almost all of it was propagated from stem cuttings from one starter plant! Propagation is a great way to turn one plant into many plants. 

Click here for my complete Golden Pothos care guide!

how to propagate pothos

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Why should I take pothos cuttings?

The biggest reasons to take cuttings from your pothos plant are because it needs a haircut or simply to make new plants. It doesn’t take a long time to turn one pothos plant into LOTS of pothos plants!

These plants can grow really long. If you are letting them hang down, you will eventually need to trim them back to keep them off the floor. Put those trimmings to use by propagating them!

You also might just want to propagate the plant. That’s fine too! Cuttings can be used to fill out your pot or make a new pot!

Pothos cuttings also make a good idea for a free gift! Place 2-4 in a glass jar with a bow tied around it! Your friends will love watching the roots grow and then can add them to any pot of soil. 

Here is my guide on how to propagate Satin Pothos!


How to propagate pothos

Here are the easy steps to propagate a pothos plant in water!

Tools needed:

  • Clean scissors
  • Jar of water

Steps to propagate pothos

STEP 1: Identify a root node

To propagate pothos, you are going to want to take a cutting. Check out the stem of your plant. Look for a new stem with fresh green growth on the end, ideally.

See those raised bumps every 2-3 inches? Those are called nodes. Nodes are what will grow roots! Healthy pothos plants should have nods every inch or two.

STEP 2: Cut the stem

Use a sharp pair of scissors to cut the parent plant right below a node. I like pieces that are at least 6 inches long, with 2-4 leaves. 

STEP 3: Remove the bottom leaves

Cut any leaves that would fall under water on your stem. They’ll just turn brown and soggy from being submerged, and make your water foggy. 

STEP 4: Place in water

Place the cut end of the cutting in a glass of water. Place in indirect sun, like in a bright spot in a sunny window. 

STEP 5: Change water regularly

Check once a week. Monitor root growth and change fresh water as it becomes cloudy. If the water gets dirty, it could lead to root rot (roots turn black and die).

You will see fat white roots develop after a couple of weeks. I wait 6-8 weeks total to let roots get well developed. You want them about 2-3 inches long. 

STEP 6: Plant in soil

You may now plant your baby pothos plant in soil. Be sure the pot has drainage holes to avoid root rot moving forward.

pothos cuttings after 2 weeks rooting

How long does it take for pothos to root in water?

You should see the beginning of roots in about 2 weeks. I let my plants root from between 1-2 months, until the roots are 2-3 inches in length, before planting in soil. 

Can you grow pothos in water?

You can easily root pothos in water. However, they grow best if you do transfer them to soil before the roots get much longer than 3 inches. 

Can you propagate pothos in soil?

Yes, soil propagation is the same as water propagation for pothos, just keep the soil moist.

I prefer water propagation because you can easily monitor root growth.

You can also propagate pothos in LECA or sphagnum moss.

When is the best time to propagate pothos?

Pothos growing season is spring and summer and it will root fastest then. However, you can successfully propagate indoor plants indoors year round. Just put them in indirect sunlight inside your home!

pothos cuttings after 3 weeks rooting

Can you propagate pothos in soil?

You can grow and root pothos clippings in soil. To propagate a cutting in soil, I recommend using rooting hormone. Follow the above instructions as if you were rooting in water and keep the soil moist.

Do pothos like to be misted?

No – Pothos do not need extra moisture and do not need to be misted.

Is pothos toxic to dogs and cats?

Yes – golden pothos is deemed toxic to dogs and cats (and humans) by the ASPCA. 

How long does it take to propagate pothos in water?

It takes about a month for pothos cuttings to fully root in water!

pothos cuttings after 4 weeks rooting

When should I move pothos cuttings from water to soil?

Wondering when to plant propagated pothos? Move your cutting into soil after 3-4 weeks or when the roots are about 2 inches long. Place in bright indirect light and let it flourish!

Can you propagate pothos without leaves?

Yes, I have successfully propagated segments of pothos stem with no leaves. Once you plant them in soil they will grow new leaves eventually!

Where to cut pothos for propagation?

You want cuttings to be 6-8 inches long. Select a healthy branch of the plant, preferably one with active new plant growth. Roots will grow from the nodes (little brown bumps where leaves grow) so be sure to cut off a couple of nodes.

You can cut so a node is at the bottom of your cutting, which will put roots at the end of your cutting. This means the remaining segment past the node on the mother plant will turn brown and die back, and new growth will come from the last node.

You can also cut just before a leaf node, so the node is the last thing left on the mama plant. This will make new growth grow right where you cut the mama plant, but roots on the new cutting will be a bit higher. Be sure that your water jar is deep enough to keep the node submerged.

pothos flourishing on a moss pole
3 months later, pothos flourishing on a moss pole

Here’s how I made my DIY pothos moss pole!

How do I transfer a plant cutting from water to soil?

The trickiest part of water propagation is transferring your cutting from water to soil. It’s not too hard, but it does require a bit of care.

Prepare a pot by filling it about halfway with planting soil. Be sure your pot has proper drainage – either a hole in the bottom or at least an inch of pebbles under the soil. 

Delicately pull the plant out of your jar of water so as not to damage any of the roots. 

Place the plant in the pot of soil. Add more soil over the roots until they are fully buried and the plat feels secure. Water. Place in a light and bright area, such as a windowsill.

Can pothos grow in water?

Pothos can permanently live in water, it just might not grow as big or lush as it would in fresh potting mix soil.

pothos cutting after 1 week rooting

Where to cut to propagate pothos

New roots are going to grow from the node of the plant. If you cut right below a node, roots should grow right at the bottom.

That being said, I have rooted pothos cutting any sorts of ways. The roots will grow from any node that is submerged under water during the growing process. 

So, it’s good to keep nodes in mind, but you can have success wherever you cut the stem! 

If your plant has aerial roots, you can include them in your cutting, too!

How to propagate pothos without rooting hormone

While rooting hormone can be used, you totally do NOT need it. Pothos roots really easily and will be fine without it. 

Propagating pothos from leaf

You are going to need a segment of stem to successfully propagate your pothos. No node, no roots. You don’t need much, though!

Here is a list of other plants that grow from cuttings in water!

Yield: 1 pothos cutting

How to propagate pothos

close up of golden pothos leaves

It is easy to propagate pothos plants to create many more plants!

Active Time 1 minute
Total Time 1 minute
Difficulty easy


  • Pothos plant
  • Water


  • Scissors
  • Jar


  1. Use a sharp pair of scissors to cut right below a node. I like pieces that are at least 6 inches long, with 2-4 leaves. 
  2. Cut any leaves that would fall under water on your stem. They'll just turn brown and soggy from being submerged, and make your water foggy. 
  3. Place the cutting in water. Place in indirect sun, like in a sunny window. 
  4. Check once a week. Change the water as it becomes cloudy.
  5. You will see fat white roots develop after a couple of weeks. I wait 6-8 weeks total to let roots get well developed. You want them about 2-3 inches long. 
  6. You may now plant your baby pothos plant in soil. 

Pothos is a super fun house plant for beginners! Golden Pothos propagation is a great first plant to try to propagate.

I hope that this article helps you get started on your gardening journey.

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