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The complete Global Green Pothos care guide

Want to add a Global Green Pothos to your houseplant collection? They are beautiful and easy to care for! Here’s my complete Global Green Pothos care guide!

I love collecting different types of pothos plants. One that I am loving lately is the global green pothos.

The leaves have a unique almost crumpled look, which gives them a bit of interesting texture.

close up of global green pothos

What is Global Green Pothos?

Global Green pothos is a variety of pothos with highly variegated green-on-green leaves with a bit of a ruffled or crumpled look to them. They are dark green leaves with an almost lime green variegation in the center.

Other names for Global Green Pothos include:

  • epipremnum global green

Global Green Pothos origins

Pothos come from the South Pacific islands originally. Costa Farms started selling Global Green pothos in 2020. It was in hot demand at first but now is a more common find.

Is Global Green Pothos rare?

No, this pothos is widely available at Lowes, Home Depot, and other common plant stores.

Is Global Green Pothos toxic?

Yes, pothos plants are toxic to humans and pets. Keep away from curious mouths!

close up of global green pothos

How fast does global green pothos grow?

Global greens pothos grow pretty quickly in the spring and summer growing season, assuming they have proper watering and sunlight!

Is Emerald pothos the same as global green?

No, these are two different types of pothos. Emerald pothos leaves are light green with darker interior variegation, while global green pothos leaves are dark green with lighter green colored variegation in the center of the leaves.

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global green pothos Care Guide

Global Green Pothos care guide

Caring for global green pothos plants is just like caring for other pothos plants – they are really easy to grow!

Global Green Pothos watering

Water global green pothos when then top 2 inches of soil feel dry. Water thoroughly until water comes out the drainage holes.

Read my guide on drilling drainage holes in pots!

How often should I water my Global Green Pothos?

Water when soil feels dry, once every 7-10 days.

Should I mist my Global Green Pothos?

Pothos plants like humidity and will definitely benefit from being misted!

global green pothos on a hanging planter

Global Green Pothos lighting needs

These plants like bright indirect sunlight such as right inside a window. They can live with less light but won’t thrive or grow as quickly.

If your plant doesn’t get enough light, the leaves will lose their variegation. More light = more variegation, generally!

Can I keep Global Green Pothos outdoors?

You can keep Global Green pothos plants outside out of direct sun – direct sunlight will burn the leaves.

Bring them indoors when temperatures drop below 50 degrees.

Global Green Pothos soil + potting

These plants do fine with regular potting soil. Just be sure the pot has drainage holes!

Does Global Green Pothos like to be root bound?

Global Greens will tolerate being a little root bound, but that will cause their growth to slow down. For best results, move to a pot 1″ bigger each year or when roots start growing out the drainage holes of the plant.

Does Global Green Pothos need a moss pole?

These plants can be grown trailing or climbing. When climbing, a moss pole or trellis work great.

Here’s my guide on how to make a moss pole!

Global Green Pothos fertilization

These plants don’t need much fertilization but you can treat them with a general houseplant fertilizer as needed during the growing season.

global green pothos cutting

How to propagate Global Green Pothos

It is extremely easy to propagate Global Green Pothos in water.

  1. Identify a healthy branch, preferably with new growth
  2. Snip the branch with sharp scissors
  3. Remove any lower leaves
  4. Place in water so at least 1 – preferably 2 – nodes are underwater
  5. Change the water once a week and top off as necessary
  6. See roots form in 2-4 weeks
  7. Once the roots are 2-3 inches long, plant in soil

Here’s my complete guide on how to propagate global green pothos!

Can I propagate global green pothos?

Yes! Global green pothos propagation is super fast and easy. However, note that Costa Farms owns the exclusive patent to propagate these plants. So, it is illegal to root and sell cuttings.

close up of global green pothos

Troubleshooting Global Green Pothos

Why is my global green pothos getting yellow leaves?

Yellow leaves almost always indicate overwatering. Does your soil feel soggy? Wait until the soil has dried to water it again and be sure there is good drainage before you water the plant again!

Why is my global green pothos losing it’s variegation?

Lack of light will cause this plant to lose its beautiful lime green variegation. If this is happening, move it to brighter light!

Why is my global green pothos getting brown tips?

Brown tips usually indicate low humidity. Start misting your plant once a week, move it closer to other plants, or try using a humidifier.

Why is my global green pothos looking so leggy?

Leggy plants have long stretches of vine with little to no leaves on them. Leaves are not going to go back in time and grow on old vine, so your best bet is to prune it.

Cut long stems, put sections 6-10″ long in water, and root them. The plant will grow bushier and once the cuttings root you can use them to fill out the pot or share with a friend!

Why is my global green pothos growing slowly?

If your plant is growing slowly, it might not be happy. Check it’s light and watering schedule or consider applying a fertilizer!

Any more questions about Global Greens Pothos care?

Thanks for reading!

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