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Golden Pothos vs Neon Pothos

Let’s talk about the similarities and differences in Golden Pothos vs Neon Pothos house plants!

Golden and Neon are both popular varieties of the pothos plant. They are both Epipremnum pinnatum varieties.

Are Golden and Neon Pothos the same?

No – Golden and Neon pothos are different plants. They are both types of pothos, but they are different pothos varieties.

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golden pothos vs neon pothos comparison

Golden Pothos vs Neon Pothos

Golden Pothos and Neon Pothos similarities

A lot of the similarities between these two plants are because they are both pothos plants!

Leaf shape

Both of these plants have the signature long and pointed pothos leaf shape. They are heart shaped!


These plants both have bright green leaves. When neon pothos leaves get older or get less light, they can actually darken and look the same color as golden pothos.

Ease of care

Being pothos plants, these are both super easy to care for plants. They need medium to bright light, weekly watering, and not much more!

Golden Pothos and Neon Pothos

Golden Pothos and Neon Pothos differences

There are a few differences between these two pothos varieties.

Green coloring

The most obvious difference between these two varieties is the shade of green of the leaves. Golden pothos is an emerald green while neon pothos is a lighter, neon green shade.

Stem coloring

Golden pothos usually have yellow-green stems while Neon pothos has – you guessed it – neon green stems.

Leaf thickness

Golden pothos has thick, glossy leaves. Neon pothos leaves tend to be thinner, more leather looking, and can almost be transparent if held up to the light.

Leaf size

Golden pothos leaves tend to get larger – especially in bright (but indirect) outdoor light – while neon pothos leaves stay more medium sized.

Golden Pothos and Neon Pothos

Vine length

Golden pothos can grow to have vines 20 feet long. Some people have them crawling all over the walls.

Neon pothos is a more compact plant and the vines usually max out at a few feet long.


Golden pothos gets its signature yellow and white variegation. It gets more marbling the more light it gets. Neon pothos does not get variegated.

Can you plant neon pothos and Golden Pothos together?

Yes, I love mixing different pothos varieties together in one pot! These plants have the same care requirements so it’s easy to mix them. The best way to do this is when you take plant cuttings – once they root, just plant them in one big pot together!

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