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Can you grow pothos in low light conditions?

Wondering if you can grow pothos in low light conditions? Here’s everything you need to know about growing pothos in low light!

Pothos is one of my very favorite houseplants. It’s super beginner friendly, and it comes in a ton of varieties to collect!

However, the best thing about pothos is that it can thrive even in less than ideal conditions. Yes, even in low light!

Can you grow pothos in low light conditions

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Pothos plant care guide

Understanding Pothos Plants:

Pothos plants (Epipremnum aureum), are one of the most popular houseplants. They come in a ton of varieties with different patterns of veining and coloring on the leaves.

Pothos plants are popular because they are generally easy and inexpensive to buy, they grow lush, and are easy to care for.

Some pothos plants will survive even if they are being significantly neglected.

While these plants can live in lower lighting situations, they do need some light to live and grow! Let’s dive into the pothos lighting requirements.

Golden Pothos and Neon Pothos

Ideal Lighting Conditions for Pothos Plants:

The natural habitat for pothos plants is in the rainforest, growing up the trunks of large trees.

So, natively, they would get filtered bright light for most of the day.

Because of that, pothos kept as houseplants prefer bright, indirect light.

The optimal lighting conditions for pothos plants would be moderate to bright indirect light.

It is important to avoid direct sunlight exposure to prevent leaf burn.

baltic blue pothos vs cebu blue pothos
baltic blue pothos (left) vs cebu blue pothos (right)

Can you grow pothos in low light conditions?

Pothos can survive in low light conditions. However, they will grow much more slowly and produce less, smaller leaves compared to similar plants growing in brighter light.

Adapting to Low Light Conditions:

Pothos can grow in low light environments, such as rooms with few windows or insufficient natural light. However, certain types of pothos have adapted to do better in darker spaces.

In general, variegated pothos will “revert” back to solid green without much light.

All pothos will adapt to lower light by slowing down their growth to conserve energy. This can be totally reversed by moving the plant into a brighter, sunnier spot.

potted bbaltic blue pothos

Tips for Growing Pothos in Low Light Conditions

Some of the most important things to keep in mind when growing pothos in low light are:

  • placement
  • supplemental lighting
  • rotation
  • proper watering
  • fertilization


Placement within a dark space is crucial. Even if there isn’t much light, for best results, place your plant near what light there is.

Find the brightest spots in the room and position the pothos there. This could include a lamp or overhead lighting if there are no windows.

Supplemental Lighting

Consider using artificial grow lights or fluorescent bulbs to supplement natural light. If you want your plant to keep growing aggressively, some sort of supplemental lighting will be key.


Rotate the plant periodically to ensure all sides receive adequate light exposure. Rotating plants is key for being sure that you grow a balanced, level plant.

Avoid Overwatering

Pothos in low light situations will dry out a lot slower compared to plants in bright light. Because of this, they need to be watered less frequently and can be prone to getting gnats in the soil.

Adjust your watering schedule down accordingly!


Balanced fertilization can help to compensate for reduced light availability. Apply a houseplant fertilizer monthly to help your plant grow!

Can pothos grow in only artificial light?

Yes, pothos grow great in artificial lights. They are common cubicle plants for a reason! If growing your pothos with only artificial light, be sure to rotate the pot regularly so it doesn’t grow unevenly towards the light source.

pothos moss pole after 1 season outdoors
pothos moss pole after 1 season outdoors

Signs of Low Light Stress and Care Tips:

Some of the symptoms of low light stress in pothos plants include:

  • leggy growth (long pieces of stem with no leaves)
  • pale leaves
  • stunted growth

The best thing to do if you see these signs is to move your plant to brighter light. If that is not possible, prune leggy growth, repot with fresh potting soil, and keep the space humid to keep the plant a bit happier!

Remember, pothos are super adaptable, and generally hard to kill plants. Keep an eye on them, and if they start looking sad, take action!

Thanks for reading!

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