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Are pothos plants toxic to cats and dogs?

Love plants AND pets? Let’s talk about are Pothos plants toxic to cats and dogs and how they can coexist peacefully in your home!

Pothos AKA epipremnum aureum is a very popular houseplant. A lot of people are worried about it being toxic to their pets.

And I will say – yes, pothos plants are toxic if eaten.

However, I have lots and lots and lots of pothos plants as well as a cat, a dog, and two toddlers in my house.

It is all about being responsible with these plants and keeping them out of reach and out of interest of curious mouths.

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Are pothos plants toxic to cats and dogs

Are pothos plants toxic to cats and dogs?

Yes, pothos plants are toxic to pets. Like many indoor houseplants, pothos leaves and stems contain insoluble calcium oxalate crystals. If a pet chews on a leaf, these crystals are released.

Are any pothos safe for cats?

No, all types of pothos plants are toxic if eaten.

What happens if my cat eats pothos?

Eating pothos can result in irritation to the mouth and throat, drooling, vomiting, difficulty swallowing, and decreased appetite. This is usually an instant reaction (pain and burning in the mouth) but can lead to more digestive problems if a lot is swallowed and digested. A swolen throat can also lead to difficulty breathing.

So, if you see your cat eating pothos, try to stop them as quickly as possible to minimize the damages.

The good news is that it is very unlikely that your pet eating pothos will be deadly. But, they might get sick. If they eat a LOT of the plant, it could damage the soft tissue of their digestive system.

If you suspect your pet ate pothos but they seem fine, just monitor them. If they have no symptoms, they might not have actually eaten any!

It’s definitely worth noting that I am NOT a vet and if your pet is acting strange or sick, definitely call your vet immediately.

It is said that feeding your cat milk can help to flush their moths and throats of the poison. Consult a vet first!

potted baltic blue pothos

How do I keep my cat away from pothos?

Here are a few ideas to keep your pothos safe from pets in the future:

  • Keep plants on high shelves pets can’t reach
  • Hang plants from the ceiling
  • Squirt cats with a plant mister if they get near it (doesn’t work for my dog, she loves getting sprayed haha)
  • Place double sided tape or aluminum foil near plants to deter cats
  • Cover the soil in the pot if it attracts your pets
overflowing pot of pothos on a shelf

Do cats know not to eat poisonous plants?

They don’t say “curiosity killed the cat” for nothing. Cats are always getting into stuff. They have been known to nibble on poisonous plants, so do your best to take away the opportunity.

cebu blue pothos potted on a shelf

Houseplants that are NOT toxic to pets

Here are some popular house plants that are more pet friendly:

Any more questions about pets and pothos?

Thanks for reading!

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