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Let’s keep your plants alive!

Discover Your Green Thumb with Confidence.

Plant care is more than just watering and sunlight – it’s an art. At KeepYourPlantsAlive, I understand the investment you make in nurturing your indoor garden.

My mission is to guide you through the lush world of houseplants, ensuring your green companions thrive from day one.

Join our community of passionate plant enthusiasts and let’s cultivate a space where your plants not only survive but flourish. Let’s grow together!

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Hello, I’m Morgan!

I’m so glad to meet you!

Thank you for joining me on my plant-filled adventure here in Charleston, South Carolina! I’m obsessed with my houseplants and keeping my garden green. I want to teach you my secrets and empower you to keep your plants alive, happy, and healthy.

Let’s get our hands dirty!