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Prime Day Plant & Garden Deals (updated list!)

Being a gardener or a houseplant lover means that you end up with a long wishlist of items!

While I personally love to trade cuttings + old supplies for new plants and tools, I am always looking for shopping deals, too.

Well, this week, Amazon is having it’s Prime Big Spring sale.

They have a few sales each year and this is one of those big ones!

The Prime Big Spring Sale sale lasts two days – March 20-21 – and is packed full of tons of deals.

This is sort of their pre-Summer sale to reward early shoppers and kick off the season. But, I like to use it to stock up on essentials I buy and use anyways!

I will use this page to share deals on plants and plant-related items that I find! This list will be updated at least weekly, so you are sure to see current deals and offers!

will update this list over the two days of the sale, so keep checking back for our latest finds!

Remember a few hot tips:

Remember – don’t get carried away and don’t get Prime Day FOMO. I am here to help you find good deals – but that doesn’t mean you need to go overboard shopping.

Please don’t go into debt for Prime Day!

Here are our favorite deals for Prime Day. Remember that they often sell out quickly, so if you are interested, you do need to act quickly.

And maybe set out some snacks for your delivery people over the next week. They are gonna be working even harder than usual!

the best plants and gardening shopping deals

What are the best deals on Prime Day?

Prime Day started out originally as a sale on electronics. While it has branched out a bit, it still has a ton of great deals on electronics!

Do all of the Amazon Prime Big Deal Days deals last for 2 days?

Nope, some of the deals are 1 day only and some are lightning deals that can last just a few minutes! Thats how they suck you in and keep you on the site!

If you see a deal you like, it’s usually better to grab it while you can. Almost everything on Amazon can be returned easily and for free (but double check before buying!)

See my favorite Prime Day home deals here!

Plants + Gardening Deals

Here are some of the best deals currently going on on plants and gardening supplies!

Deals on pots & planters

A plant love can never have enough planters and pots. I am always dividing or sizing up my plants! Here are some great deals on planters today.

Deals on soil + fertilizer

Amazon has a lot of great soil options that I don’t see at my local store. Here are some that are on sale!

Deals on garden supplies

Here are a ton of miscellaneous gardening tools and supplies that are a part of the sale this week!

Deals on live plants

Did you know that Amazon sells live plants? They do, and quite a nice selection is on sale this week!

Deals on houseplant accessories

Here are a few houseplant accessories that are a part of the sale and can help to make your houseplant care a little bit easier!

What are you shopping for?

Thanks for reading!

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