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Golden Pothos vs Philodendron Brasil

Let’s talk about the similarities and differences in Golden Pothos vs Philodendron Brasil house plants!

Golden Pothos and Philodendron Brasil are both popular varieties of house plants. But, they are actually different plants!

Are Golden Pothos and Philodendron Brasil the same?

No – Golden pothos and Philodendron Brasil are different plants.

See my complete Golden Pothos care guide

See my complete Philodendron Brasil care guide

golden pothos vs philodendron brasil

Golden Pothos vs Philodendron Brasil

Golden Pothos and Philodendron Brasil similarities

There are a lot of similarities between these two plants!

Leaf shape

Both of these plants have heart shaped leaves.


These plants both have bright green leaves. They also both have light green or yellow variation

Vining growth

Both of these plants are vines. They can grow hanging or climbing a moss pole.

Ease of care

These are both super easy to care for plants. They need medium to bright light, weekly watering, and not much more!

Golden Pothos and Philodendron Brasil differences

There are a few differences between these two popular houseplant varieties.

Pattern of variegation

Pothos leaves get more speckled or marbled variegation. Philodendron Brasil coloration is more linear in design.

Leaf length

Pothos tends to have longer leaves while philodendron leaves are wider and shorter.

Leaf thickness

Golden pothos has thick, glossy leaves. Philodendron tends to have thinner, softer leaves.

Leaf size

Golden pothos leaves tend to get larger – especially in bright (but indirect) outdoor light – while philodendron brasil leaves stay more medium sized.

Aerial roots

Pothos usually grows one large root or aerial root from each stem node. Philodendrons will grow many smaller roots from each node!

Can you plant golden pothos and philodendron together?

Yes, I love mixing different plant varieties together in one pot! These plants have the same care requirements so it’s easy to mix them. The best way to do this is when you take plant cuttings – once they root, just plant them in one big pot together!

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