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The most popular houseplants (and how to care for them)

Love the look of houseplants and want to get some of your own? Here are some of the most popular house plants – and how to care for them!

Houseplants are really trending at the moment, and I am here for it.

Plants allow you to bring nature inside your home. They add texture and life to any corner. Plus, they are a fun hobby!

If you are interested in getting started with houseplants but not sure where to start – here are some of the most popular plants!

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overflowing pot of pothos on a shelf


Pothos is my top suggestion for a beginner house plant. It is easy to care for and easy to propagate! It doesn’t take long to turn one small pothos plant into several huge happy plants!


Bright indirect light (can survive in low light)


Keep slightly moist


Regular potting soil

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philodendron brasil in a pot

Philodendrons are another popular easy to care for plant. They are trailing plants that grow long vines with beautiful heart-shaped leaved.

There are many varieties of Philodendron, so if you get interested in them, it can be fun to collect a wide variety!

Philodendrons propagate very easily and can be grown hanging from a basket or climbing a moss pole or trellis!


Medium-bright indirect light


Moist but not soggy soil


Regular potting soil

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Snake plant

snake plant in a pot

Snake plant is a super popular houseplant for beginners because it has low light and watering needs. So, if you forget about it for a while, it will probably be ok.

What I love about snake plants is that they have an unusual shape – they grow upward in long, stiff, tongue shaped leaves. That makes them pretty cool!

Snake plants come in a lot of varieties that have different colorings and patterns to the leaves. They really are gorgeous plants!


Bright, indirect light is best though they tolerate low light


Water infrequently, once a month or less


50/50 mix potting soil and cactus mix

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potted peacock calathea

Calathea – AKA the prayer plant – is a gorgeous houseplant with big oval-shaped leaves and interesting markings. Many of the plants have pink to them, which I love.

Calathea are not the easiest plants to keep alive. They need rain water or distilled water (they die from fluoride in most tap water). They like to be kept moist and need frequent watering and misting.

However, if you are up for the challenge, they are really gorgeous and worth the work!


Bright indirect light


Water with rain water or distilled water only, keep moist, mist or run a humidifier


Regular potting soil

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ZZ Plant

potted raven zz plant on a dresser

ZZ plant is another really unique looking plant. These plants are beginner friendly because they don’t need much water and do OK in low light situations.

I love the feathered look of ZZ plant leaves and the thick waxy leaves themselves.

I am especially partial to the Raven ZZ plant – a black version that is just so dramatic!


Low light tolerant, best in indirect bright light


Only water when completely dry


Regular potting soil

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Fiddle Leaf Fig

two potted fiddle leaf fig plants on a table

Fiddle Leaf Figs have been hugely popular with designers for many years now. And, for a good reason! They have big, dramatic green leaves and can grow as tall as your ceilings. They are truly stunning!

These plants have a reputation for being finicky, but they really just need bright morning light. Once you find a window that they like, don’t move them (except to rotate them!)


Bright indirect light, east or west facing windows are best


Water throughly when top 2 inches of soil are dry


Potting mix

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potted jade plant on a table

Jade plants are easy-to-grow and long living succulents. They love being indoors and do well in any sunny home.

These plants are also super easy to propagate, so it’s fun to share cuttings with friends!


At least 6 hours of bright light


Water weekly in summer, once a month in the winter


Succulent potting mix

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Umbrella Plant

potted umbrella plant on a table

Umbrella plants are really cool house plants. They can grow really quickly and really large – so they are great if you have a corner you want to fill.

These plants like bright light, but they do just fine in more indirect light. They are easy to care for and interesting to look at! I love the groupings of 8 long green leaves!


Bright, indirect light


Water when top 2 inches of soil are dry, allow to drain well


Well draining, loose soil. Likes to be fertilized regularly.

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Thanks for reading!

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