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Philodendron Brasil Care – a complete guide to this easy houseplant!

Philodendron Brasil is a beautiful and easy to care for houseplant. Here’s everything you need to know about Pilodendron Brasil care!

A few months ago, I received a Philodendron Brasil as a trade from my local plant swap group.

I have had a lot of pothos in my life, but I had never seen this plant before!

I quickly learned hot to care for it, propagate it, and enjoy it in my home.

So, let’s talk about the Philodendron Brasil and how you might bring it into your houseplant collection!

philodendron brasil in a pot

What is the Philodendron Brasil?

Philodendron Brasil is the common name for Philodendron hederaceum brasil. It’s also known as heartleaf philodendron.

These plants are trailing – meaning they make long vines with leaves all along them.

The heart shaped leaves are green with light yellow marbling. The stems and vine has pink tones to it, which is really gorgeous and unique!

Is philodendron brasil rare

The heart leaf philodendron plants might have been rare at some point, but they are no longer rare and are fairly easy to come by, especially at a specialized house plant store! You can even buy them at Lowes!

Is philodendron Brasil toxic?

Philodendron are toxic to humans and pets. Eating them can cause burning and swelling of lips, tongue and throat, vomiting and diarrhea. Keep them out of reach of kids and pets!

Philodendron brasil vs pothos

You might be having trouble identifying a pothos vs a philodendron. Pothos leaves are thicker, more shiny/waxy, and wider.

Philodendron brasil has narrower, more pointed leaves. They are thinner and more delicate, too. The pink stems is a big giveaway!

close up of Philodendron Brasil leaf

How big do Philodendron Brasil grow?

If left un-cut, the vines of this plant can grow 10 to 20 feet long! It grows quickly and long, making it a great beginner level plant for growing and propagating!

How can I encourage my Philodendron Brasil to climb?

The best way to train your Philodendron Brasil to climb is with a moss pole!

Philodendron brasil benefits

Philodendron brasil is said to be a good air purifier, especially good at removing formaldehyde from the air.

I don’t know about all that, but they sure do make me happy to look at!

Philodendron Brasil Care

Philodendron Brasil are really easy to grow and keep alive! They are a great beginner level plant.

Light requirements

These plants like medium-bright indirect light. They will live with a little less light, but they won’t thrive. Too much sun and the leaves can get crispy. Think of a sunny window that gets indirect light a few hours a day!

Watering needs

This plant likes to be moist (it’s from Brazil, afterall!) but not soggy soil. Make sure that your pot has drainage holes, as soggy plants will get root rot and get moldy and die. I’ll have to tell you sometime about my Harris Teeter Mican and it’s root rot :/

My hot tip to be sure you don’t over water is to keep your plant in a nursery pot (the plastic pot stores sell them in) with good drainage holes. Set that inside your nicer ceramic pot. When you water, stop when you see water come out the drainage holes!

When the top inch of soil feels dry, water again. I water once a week, but this will vary depending on your conditions! Set up a watering schedule so you don’t forget to water your plant!

Pot sizing

It’s best to choose a pot thats 1 to 2 inches larger than the root ball of your plant. Anything larger will soak up water and can actually get moldy from extra water settling in excess soil. Anything smaller will get root bound and stifle it’s growth!

Do Philodendron Brasil like to be root bound?

These are quick growing plants, so they can get root bound easily. They don’t love to be root bound, but it probably won’t kill it. However, the plant will be happier and grow more in a larger pot!

How do I make my Philodendron Brasil more variegated?

Is your plant looking a bit green. Poor you 😉 Your best bet to encourage new variegated leaves is to get new growth to grow from a variegated leaf.

So, identify your favorite variegated leaf on your plant. Cut just past that leaf (leave it attached to the plant!) and propagate the cutting using the below instructions.

This will cause the plant to create new growth off the variegated leaf, hopefully more like that!

Why is my philodendron brasil dying?

If your plant is having trouble, it’s important to identify the symptoms and use them to diagnose the problem. Here’s my guide to philodendron brasil problems!

Read about why your philodendron leaves are turning yellow.


How to propagate Philidendron Brasil

Philidendron Brasil is super easy to propagate from stem cuttings! Simply:

  1. Identify a healthy branch to take a cutting from.
  2. Identify a node (the bump a leaf grows from) on that branch.
  3. Use clean scissors to snip just below the node (so you are cutting the node off the mama plant)
  4. Prepare a jar of water to root your plant in
  5. Hold the cutting up to the jar. Any leaves that will fall under water, snip them off or they will rot.
  6. Place the cutting in water in indirect light. Roots will form in 1-2 weeks.
  7. Once the roots are 2-3 inches long, plant in soil!

Be sure to read my complete guide to Philodendron Brasil propagation!

Any more questions about Philodendron Brasil?!

Thanks for reading!

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