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Does my philodendron need a moss pole?

Growing a philodendron and wondering if a moss pole is the right solution? Here’s everything that you need to know!

Philodendrons are beautiful and easy to grow plants (I’m currently obsessed with my Philodendron Brasil!)

These vining plants are beautiful as is. They naturally grow in the rainforest of Brazil under large trees.

In nature, these plants might grow flat on the ground or the vines can grow upward along the trunk of the tree.

When philodendrons have the chance to grow upward, they tend to grow bigger, shinier, and more variegated leaves.

pothos flourishing on a moss pole
3 months later, pothos flourishing on a moss pole

Does my philodendron need a moss pole?

If you want your philodendron to grow upward, a moss pole is one of your options! Here is my tutorial for how to DIY a moss pole.

You could also grow the philodendron up a small trellis or climbing ladder. Moss poles are just great because they are soft and allow for aerial roots to grow into the moss material and stake themselves in place.

Here’s my guide on how to attach a plant to a moss pole!

satin pothos plant on a moss pole

Do all philodendrons climb?

Philodendrons naturally grew in the rainforest at the base of trees. Climbing was a form of light-seeking. So, it comes naturally to philodendrons to climb!

Can my philodendron hang instead of climb?

Certainly, most people have their philodendrons just growing in a regular pot, dripping over the sides. That’s totally fine and the plant can still be happy!

Giving a philodendron a way to climb is a great way to create a tall, vertical plant to fill a wall or space in your home.

Do I need to stake my philodendron?

Staking a philodendron makes it easier for the plant to grow upward and not just dangle down. You can use any kind of stake on a philodendron, but they are happiest with something soft (like moss or bark) that the aerial roots can really dig into!

How do you moss pole a philodendron?

After you make or buy your moss pole, put it in the center of a pot. Plant your philodendron in the soil around it.

Then, carefully pull the vines of your plant upward along the pole.

Use a rope or tie to tie the plant – gently – to the pole. Over time, especially if you mist the pole, the aerial roots will grow into the pole and the ties will no longer be necessary for older growth.

Thanks for reading!

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