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How to water philodendron brasil

Keep over or underwatering your philodedron brasil? Here’s exactly how to water philodedron brasil!

Philodendron brasil are beautiful and easy to care for houseplants.

However, the number one cause of death of these plants is over watering!

Let’s answer your common questions about how to water a philodendron brasil!

How to water philodendron brasil

How to water a philodendron brasil

How often should I water my Brasil philodendron?

Stick your finger in the top 1-2 inches of soil of your pot. If it feels dry, water it! If not, wait a while.

I will say that my Brasil needs a lot less water than some of my other similar plants – it just doesn’t dry out as fast.

Be sure that your pot has good drainage holes and don’t let water pool in the drip tray, either. That can lead to root rot!

When should I water my Philodendron Brasil?

I personally prefer to water my plants in the first half of the day. This is usually the sunniest/warmest time of day and gives the plant a chance to absorb the water before the cool, dark night.

philodendron brasil in a pot

Do Philodendron Brasil like to be misted?

Philodendron Brasil like humidity but don’t need it super humid. They can live without misting unless your home is super dry (such as in the winter). You can mist these plants once or twice a week and they won’t hate it!

Can you grow Philodendron Brasil in water?

Yes, you can grow these plants straight in water. They likely won’t grow as lush as they would in soil, but they can grow just fine in only water.

How do I know if my Phildendron Brasil needs water?

If the leaves of your plant look wilted and limp, it might need water. Always test the soil with your finger to be sure!

Another sign that your plant might be underwatered is if the soil is super hard, compact, and shrunken in the pot. If this is the case, you might want to dump some of the dried out soil and add fresh potting soil to revive your plant!

yellow leaf on a philodendron brasil
overwatered brasil with yellow leaf

What does an overwatered philodendron brasil look like?

Overwatered Philodendron Brasil plants get yellow leaves that drop off. They can get mushy, black spots as well. This is a sign of root rot and very serious!

How do I know if my philodendron brasil has root rot?

If your plant has been way over watered, it might have root rot. If the leaves are mushy or black, it is likely root rot.

Pull the plant out of the soil and examine the roots. If they are dark brown and mushy, they are rotten.

You can attempt to remove damaged leaves. Place any pieces of plant without leaves in water and propagate them.

I actually got a Mican from Harris Teeter that was (I didn’t realize when I bought it) extremely root rotted. I was able to propagate most of the plant and revive it that way! It was dramatic though.

yellow leaf on a philodendron brasil
yellow leaf on a philodendron brasil

How to revive an overwatered philodendron brasil?

  • let it dry out!
  • drill or poke holes in the pot for drainage
  • remove dead leaves
  • place in a sunny location (indirect sun) to help it dry out faster
  • If super soggy, dump out the wet soil and repot in fresh potting soil
Philodendron Brasil cutting rooting in a test tube planter

How to revive an underwatered philodendron brasil?

The best way to revive an underwatered philodendron brasil is to water it! If the soil is super dry and hard, replacing the soil can help with water absorption and nutrients, as well.

Thanks for reading!

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