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How to propagate Philodendron Brasil

Want to propagate your Philodendron Brasil? It’s a super easy plant to root in water! Here’s what you need to know about Philodendron Brasil propagation!

I received a Philodendron Brasil plant in a plant swap and have been obsessed with it ever since.

I love that this plant is easy to grow, beautiful (I love the hints of pink on new growth!) and to top it all off, super easy to propagate!

Be sure to check out my complete Philodendron Brasil care guide!

I love plant propagation because it allows you to make one plant into many plants. You can share them with friends, swap them for other cuttings, or use them to fill out your current pot. So many possibilities!


How do you care for a Philodendron Brasil?

These plants are super easy to care for! Focus on:

  • Bright indirect light
  • Water when the top 2 inches of soil feel dry (about 1 time per week)
  • Be sure your pot has drainage holes to avoid overwatering and soggy roots

Can you propagate a philodendron Brasil?

Philodendron Brasil (variegated heartleaf philodendron) is extremely easy to propagate in water!

close up of Philodendron Brasil leaf

How do you propagate philodendron Brasil in water?

Water propagation is the easiest way to root Philodendron Brasil. You can also root cuttings in moist soil with rooting hormone and a bag over top to create a “greenhouse”. However, it’s easiest for roots to grow in water!

Philodendron Brasil cutting rooting in a test tube planter

Can you grow Brazil philodendron in water?

Once the roots are established, most people will move their Philodendron Brasil cuttings to moist soil in bright indirect light.

However, they can grow in water forever. Just beware that they might not grow as large or lush as they would if they were growing in potting soil.

These plants can grow hanging from a basket or climbing! Read about putting a Philodendron Brasil on a moss pole!

Where do you cut a philodendron to propagate?

The most important part of propagating philodendron is to cut it properly. You want to identify a node in your plant. A node is the bump that leaves (and roots) grow out of.

If you just just below a node, with the node at the bottom of your cutting, you will grow roots at the end of your cutting!

If you cut somewhere else, that’s ok too. The roots will just not be at the bottom of your cutting.

It’s worth noting that new growth from your plant after you take the cutting will also grow from the node. Any “branch” past the node typically turns brown and crispy and will eventually fall off.

Can you propagate philodendron without a node?

No. You need a node on your cutting or it will not root.

close up of Philodendron Brasil cutting rooting in a test tube planter

Can you propagate philodendron from a leaf?

You can propagate philodendron from a leaf assuming that the leaf includes a piece of stem with the node. A leaf that just fell off the plant will NOT root.

How long does it take for philodendron cutting to root?

Expect to see roots growing on your cutting after 2 weeks. It can take 6-8 weeks for roots to reach 2-3 weeks, at which point it’s good to put in moist soil and treat as a regular houseplant.

Propagating Philodendron Brasil by division

If you have a very thick plant or one that is root bound, you can divide it.

Simply remove the plant from the pot and gently untangle the roots to separate the stems. Re-pot and enjoy!

Yield: 1 cutting

How to propagate Philodendron Brasil


Here's how easy it is to root Philodendron Brasil in water!

Active Time 1 minute
Total Time 1 minute
Difficulty easy


  • Philodendron Brasil plant


  • Clean scissors
  • Jar of water


  1. Identify the branch where you plan to take a cutting. Ideally, look for something healthy with new growth on the end.
  2. Identify a node on the branch where you plan to cut. You typically want to cut cuttings at least 6-8 inches in length.
  3. Cut just below the node so that the node comes off with your cutting.
  4. Hold your cutting up to your jar. Cut off any leaves that will fall under water - they will just rot and get nasty submerged.
  5. Repeat for any additional cuttings.
  6. Place in a clean jar of water in bright indirect light.
  7. Watch roots develop over the next few weeks.
  8. Once roots are 2-3 inches long, plant in moist soil and place in indirect sunlight.

Any questions about rooting philodendron Brasil?

Thanks for reading!

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