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Why is my philodendron brasil dying?

Trouble with your philodendron brasil plant? Here are some common problems and how to solve them!

Philodendron brasil is a popular houseplant that is pretty easy to care for.

But – that doesn’t mean it’s invincible.

In the past few years I have REALLY stepped up my plant-ownership game. What I think has made the biggest difference is checking my plants regularly, noticing signs of distress, and doing something about it before it’s too late!

So, let’s talk about the problems that you might be having with your philodendron brasil and how to fix them!

philodendron brasil in a pot

Why is my Philodendron Brasil not growing

Lack of growth usually means that these plants aren’t thriving. That usually means they need more light. If they have plenty of light, they might need more water. When in doubt, start with light!

Why is my philodendron brasil losing leaves

There are a few reasons that your plant is dropping leaves. Most likely, it doesn’t have enough light or water. This will make it drop older leaves.

If newer growth is dropping, or it seems to have good conditions, check for pests, mold, or fungus. Check the soil as well as the underside of the leaves.

yellow leaf on a philodendron brasil

Why is my philodendron brasil drooping

Droopy leaves can either mean too much or too little water.

Too little water looks more withered while too much water looks floppy. Feel the top 1 to 2 inches of soil. If it’s wet, too much water. If it’s dry, probably needs water.

Why is my philodendron brasil turning yellow

Yellowing leaves almost always mean overwatering. Make sure your pot has drainage holes (here’s how to drill drainage holes in ceramic pots).

If the soil is super soggy, consider dumping it out, carefully removing the plant roots, and repotting it in new, dry soil. Otherwise, it can develop mold and the roots will rot and the plant will die.

Read my complete guide to why your philodendron is turning yellow!

close up of Philodendron Brasil leaf

Why is my philodendron brasil turning pink

It’s very common for new growth on these plants to be pink, much like the stems! If older leaves are turning pink, however, that’s not normal. It’s usually too much sun, too much water, or too much fertilizer. Consider your situation to determine which applies!

Why are my philodendron brasil leaves turning brown and crispy

Brown crispy spots on leaves indicate too much sun. This is basically a sunburn. I’ve had this happen with plants placed outdoors in direct sun. Move it to a less sunny – but brighter spot.

You can actually cut the crispy parts off the leaves. That’s just aesthetic, though!

Why is my philodendron brasil not variegated?

These plants have beautiful leaf variegation – so it’s a bummer if that goes away! The trick to variegation is that the plant needs plenty of sun! So, try two things:

  1. Move your plant to a sunnier spot (not direct outdoor sun – but a sunnier window or closer to the window)
  2. Cut the plant just past a variegated leaf. Propagate the cutting in water and hope that the vine branches and grows new, variegated growth!

Any other problems?!

Thanks for reading!

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