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Why are the edges of my fiddle leaf fig turning brown?

Frustrated with your fiddle leaf fig plant? Here’s what to do it the edges of my fiddle leaf fig turning brown?

Fiddle leaf figs are dramatically beautiful plants.

But they can also be actually dramatic – they are notoriously picky about lighting and water.

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If your fiddle leaf tree leaves are turning brown, it can be super frustrating. The last thing you want is these big green glossy leaves to die.

However, all is not lost. Here are some possible causes and cures!

Here’s how to propagate fiddle leaf fig stem cuttings.

Why are the edges of my fiddle leaf fig turning brown?

Why are the edges of my fiddle leaf fig turning brown?

The most common cause of fiddle leaf fig brown edges is under watering or not enough water. This will cause fiddle leaf tree leaves to turn brown starting at the edges. Usually it gets to be a light brown color.

Other signs that your plant needs water is that the leaves look limp or wilted, or that the soil looks like it has shrunk and gotten hard.

If your soil is looking dry, you can also repot the plant. It will love fresh soil!

Finally, consider misting your plant or placing a humidifier near it. These plants love humidity and increasing the humidity can help to keep your fiddle leaf fig leaves from browning in the future.

Are you bottom watering the plant?

Some plants like to be bottom watered. This means setting the pot in water and letting it absorb through the drainage holes. Unfortunately, bottom watering doesn’t flush out built up minerals in the soil. This mineral build up can lead to the lower fiddle leaf fig tips turning brown and eventually leaf drop.

Will my fiddle leaf fig brown spots go away?

It’s frustrating if your leaves on fiddle fig are turning brown. However, brown spots don’t turn green again. Get used to them or cut them off and move on!

Should I cut off brown leaves on fiddle leaf fig?

You don’t have to cut brown spots off of leaves, but if you want a clean look you definitely can. Here’s my guide on how to trim dead plant leaves!

brown tips on fiddle leaf fig plant leaves

Could your Fiddle Leaf Fig be sunburnt?

Fiddle leaf fig plants love bright, indirect sun. However, put them in direct sun and the leaves will get sunburned.

This happened to me – my plant wasn’t getting enough light on my porch, so I moved it to the patio. Big mistake. In one afternoon, all the top leaves were burnt and fell off.

Sunburnt leaves are usually across most of the surface and not just the edges or tips! So, if your fiddle leaf fig has brown spots, this could be the cause.

What does an overwatered fiddle leaf fig look like?

Overwatered fiddle leaf fig plants will have brown spots on the CENTER of the leaves, not usually on the edges.

Overwatering means the roots sit in water and get rotten. Root rot will make your plant drop the older (bottom) leaves first. Usually it makes leaves have black spots and less crispy brown.

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Any more questions about your fiddle leaf brown tips?

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