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Common pilea problems and how to solve them

Having problems with your pilea peperomioides? Here are some common pilea problems and how to solve them!

Pilea AKA chinese money plants are whimsical, interesting little plants with lilypad-like leaves.

They are generally easy to care for, but can of course have problems.

More about Pilea plants

Let’s chat about common problems with pilea plants and how to fix them before it’s too late!

common pilea problems and how to solve them

Common pilea peperomioides problems

The number one problem with most unhappy pilea plants is overwatering AKA too much love. Eager plant parents can smoother and drown their plants. We’ve all done it!

Overwatering can cause yellowing, brown leaves, leaf curling, and drooping pilea.

To remedy overwatering:

  • Stick your finger in the top 1-2 inches of soil. Does it feel very wet? Let it dry out.
  • Only water when the top 2 inches feels dry.
  • Be sure your pot has drainage holes in the bottom and don’t let it sit in standing or pooling water.
  • If your pot is VERY soggy, dump out the plant (gently), rinse off the wet soil, and re-pot in fresh soil.

Why are my pilea leaves falling off?

It is natural for older plant leaves to fall off as they age. However if leaves are turning yellow or brown, or newer growth is dropping off, you will want to investigate further!

Why are my pilea leaves turning yellow

Yellowing leaves are a super common problem. It is usually a sign of an overwatered pilea.

Read my complete guide to yellowing pilea leaves here!

Why is my pilea turning yellow and brown?

Yellow leaves with brown spots could mean too much light or sun. If it’s not getting too much light, it is probably a Potassium deficiency. Look for a high potassium fertilizer.

Pilea Peperomioides in a pot

Why are my pilea leaves turning brown?

If the oldest leaves on your plant are turning brown and falling off, that might be a Nitrogen deficiency. You can treat this easily with fertilizer!

Why do my pilea leaves have brown spots

Brown spots on pileas can be due to over watering or over fertilizing! Drooping leaves with brown spots on pilea leaves usually mean over watering.

Crispy brown spots could indicate too much direct sun!

Why do my pilea leaves have black spots?

If your leaves are getting yellow spots, drooping, and have black mold on them, it is probably Aphids. Separate from your other plants and treat with neem oil!

Why are my pilea leaves drooping

Drooping leaves are almost always caused by overwatering. Basically, the roots are soggy, and this can lead to root rot. Let it dry out between waterings and be sure the pot has drainage holes!

Pilea Peperomioides plant close up

Why is my pilea drooping after repotting

Repotting a plant can put it into a bit of a shock. If the plant has plenty of drainage and is not soaking wet or bone dry, it might just need a minute to settle into its new home! Keep an eye on it!

Why are my pilea leaves curling

Curled lower leaves (older leaves) usually means too much water!

Curled upper leaves (new growth) usually means too much sun!

Why are my pilea leaves cupping?

If your leaves are curling up into a cup shape, that usually means too much sun or too close to the light!

What happens if pilea gets too much sun?

Too much sun will cause heat stress to your pilea and can cause leaf drop and eventually death.

baby pilea plantlet

Why are my pilea leaves turning light green

Pilea peperomiodides pale leaves are an indication that your plant has a nutrient deficiency. Fertilize it and it should darken back up!

Thanks for reading!

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