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Why are my sterling silver plant leaves curling?

Wondering why your sterling silver plant leaves are curling? Let’s diagnose this common problem and get your plant healthy again!

Sterling Silver Plants (Scindapsus Treubii) are a popular houseplant. They have beautiful, big thick leaves with gorgeous silver veining.

Other names for the sterling silver plant include:

  • Sterling Silver Scindapsus
  • Treubii Moonlight
  • Scindapsus moonlight
  • Moonlight pothos (though it is not a pothos!)
  • Sterling Silver Pothos (see above, lol)

They are super easy to keep happy and a beautiful addition to any houseplant collection.

So, if your sterling silver plant isn’t doing well, you might be a little puzzled.

Even easy plants can have problems and need some troubleshooting.

So, today we are going to chat about curling leaves on a sterling silver plant and what to do about them!

why is my sterling silver plant getting wrinkled

Why are my sterling silver plant leaves curling?

If your Treubii Moonlight plant is getting wrinkly limp leaves, this is usually a sign that your plant is being underwatered.

These plants store water in their thick leaves. When the soil runs out of moisture that they can pull from, they start “drinking” the water reserves in their leaves, and they dry up.

Scindapsus Treubii Moonlight leaf close up

If you’ve just repotted your plant, you could have damaged the roots. The roots are what absorbs water, so damaging them could lead to the plant dehydrating.

You can also increase the humidity around your plant to help it need to be watered less frequently.

I also prefer to water my sterling silver plant with rain water. Here’s a guide on the best water for houseplants!

Scindapsus Treubii Moonlight leaf close up

Overwatering is almost always the cause of wrinkled leaves. If your plant is not overwatered, it could be wrinkling up due to:

  • Too much fertilizer
  • Temperature shock (suddenly cold or hot – check for drafts or air vents nearby!)
  • Root rot from previous over watering (now there are no roots to absorb water so it is dehudrating, even if watered)
  • Too much direct sunlight
  • Poor water quality (read about the best water for houseplant here)
  • Pest infestation

Will wrinkled leaves perk back up again?

If the problem with your plant is dehydration and it hasn’t gotten too severe, then it should perk up within a couple of hours of being watered.

Stick your finger 2 inches into the top of the soil. Don’t water again until it feels completely dry!

Be sure that your pot has proper drainage holes. Pooling water in the bottom of the plant can lead to root rot, which will kill the plant!

Any more questions about your sterling silver plant?

Thanks for reading!

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