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Umbrella Plants: everything you need to know

Looking for a beautiful, easy house plant? Here is everything you need to know about Umbrella plants!

I love an Umbrella plant (scientific name: schefflera). These tropical plants are really small trees with clusters of 8 leaves.

They have a tropical look, mixed with a tree aesthetic, which makes them an interesting addition to any houseplant collection.

Plus, they are super easy to care for.

umbrella plant care

Umbrella plants like bright indirect light, regular watering, and don’t mind being fertilized in the summer.

These plants are very beginner friendly and propagate easily, too.

Here’s everything you need to know about umbrella plants!

Umbrella plant care

Did you know that there are tons of types of umbrella plants? Here are my 8 favorite types of umbrella plants!

Here are my best umbrella plant care guides:

Umbrella plant FAQs

Umbrella plant troubleshooting

Here are my best solutions for the most common umbrella plant problems:

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Here are some of my favorite umbrella plant accessories!

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Pots for umbrella plants

Be sure to download our free printable umbrella plant care guide!

Printable Umbrella Plant care guide

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Umbrella Plant plant care guide

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