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8 Types of umbrella trees

Want to add a new umbrella tree to your collection? Luckily, there are many varieties! Here are 8 different types of umbrella trees!

Houseplants are beautiful on their own, but can be even more fun when you build up a collection.

One of the more popular houseplants is the umbrella plant or Scheflera.

With their graceful, umbrella-like canopies and tropical foliage, these trees have become sought-after additions to gardens, parks, and indoor spaces around the world.

And however beautiful you think it is, we bet that you don’t know there are actually several different umbrella tree types, each with its own unique characteristics.

Let’s dive into some of the most popular umbrella tree types!

8 types of umbrella plants

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Umbrella tree types

These great-looking plants come in various shapes and sizes. And given that so many varieties are out there, we bet you’ll find it hard to decide on one. From small shrubs to large plants, here is a list of the best and most popular ones we could find!

Dwarf umbrella 

You probably guessed it by the name, but this is a Scheflera plant that doesn’t grow very large.

Instead, it prefers to stay small, kind of like a shrub. These are sold commonly as bonsai style plants at places like Lowes and Home Depot.

The small size appeals to many people, especially those who live in smaller spaces, but still want to spruce them up.

It has a dark green appearance, given by its long and broad leaves.

If you are a newbie at the plant parenting thing, know these are incredibly easy to take care of. All they need you to do is check their soil every few days and water it when it is too dry.

potted umbrella plant on a shelf

Octopus umbrella

As the name implies, this umbrella tree looks like an octopus.

The plant has long and slender leaves, and as the tree becomes larger, it starts producing some pink blossoms – these are the ones that look like octopus tentacles.

And although this plant grows tall, you can easily manage it with regular pruning.

But maintenance-wise – it is an excellent choice. Simply put it in a sunny spot and water it occasionally, and you are golden!

Sunburst umbrella 

This is one of the most unique Umbrella tree types you will ever find.

Unlike some other varieties, these are not lavishly green in color – the leaves are practically entirely bright yellow.

There is only a bit of green around the edges, which is how they got the name “sunburst”.

The sunburst umbrella is a tree that doesn’t grow very large, but it is a really fun pop of color.

Being easy to take care of makes this plant even better – it loves direct sunlight and a bit of water. If you water it every couple of days, it will be happy!

Madame De Smet umbrella

This variety is often mixed up with the Sunburst type we just mentioned.

And although they do appear quite similar, they are, in fact, very different at the core.

The leaves of the Madame De Smet are golden-yellowish, but not all of them.

Some are completely dark green, with only small patches of yellow around the edges.

Another thing you need to know about it is that this is one of the Umbrella tree types that grow quite large.

Apart from its considerably long leaves, it also has different requirements. It loves indirect sunlight since the direct sun can char the leaves, as well as an infrequent watering schedule.

False Aralia

False Aralia has a very unique appearance, but that’s why most people like it!

It grows tall and thin and produces beautiful leaves in burgundy color when the plant is young, slowly turning rich green as it matures.

This is another easy grow plant- all it requires is some water and a bright window. 

We hope you feel inspired by the large selection of umbrella tree types we have listed above! Take a good look at them all and decide on the one you think best matches you and your home.

false aralia plant in a pot

Trinette umbrella

This variety has to be one of the most beautiful we have come across! It is a mixture of the sunburst and the Madame De Smet – getting the best of both worlds.

More specifically, it has sunburst’s bright yellow foliage with Madame De Smet’s glossy leaves.

The beauty of this Umbrella tree lies in the fact that you can adjust it to your needs.

Small or large, you can trim it down to the size you like.

As a beginner, you can’t get much easier than this variety, given that it enjoys both direct and indirect sunlight.

Luseane umbrella

The beauty and uniqueness of this plant come from its foliage. They are bright green and a bit too pointy-shaped to be considered an umbrella plant, but they still manage to put the plant in the Umbrella group.

It is a beautiful addition to any home, working its magic to spruce up any corner you put it in.

This popular Schefflera plant grows a little taller than the rest, but it is worth it!

It is resilient and low-maintenance, so all you need to take care of is providing it with well-drained soil and giving it a lot of indirect sunlight.

Schefflera morototoni

Since we are on the subject of unique umbrella plants, we’re sure you’ll love this one! It is also known as the mountain trumpet because of its long and sleek leaves.

The most interesting bit about this variety is that it can grow up to 100 feet tall. But you can control its growth, as with most other varieties.

Moreover, it doesn’t require much – as long as you provide it with some water and a lot of light, it will be happy and healthy!

Thanks for reading!

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