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Umbrella tree temperature requirements

Wondering if you can keep your umbrella tree happy? Here are the umbrella tree temperature requirements and how to keep it the right temperature!

Umbrella plants have always been a safe pick when it comes to choosing the perfect houseplant. They are low-maintenance, very easy to take care of and provide lush greenery to any room you add them to.

If your houseplant collection is due for an upgrade, these are always a great addition!

If you have already taken that step and got a Scheflera plant for your home, you need to read our umbrella plant guide to learn the conditions that will help this plant thrive.

Now, you might be a little confused about finding the right spot for your plant.

Some types love direct sunlight (but not more than a few hours a day), and some thrive in indirect light.

If you want to better understand the umbrella plant temperature needs, then you have landed on the right page!

We are giving you some insight into what makes an umbrella plant thrive and exploring its temperature preferences. So sit back and open your mind to the important information you will receive!

Umbrella tree temperature requirements

Printable Umbrella Plant care guide

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Umbrella Plant plant care guide

What kind of temperature is ideal for a Schefflera plant?

Before we go any further, it is important to underline one important line – the umbrella plant is a tropical plant, so when you consider its temperature needs, know that they prefer warmer conditions.

Even though virtually all umbrella plant types require identical indoor living conditions, they may vary from one plant to the next.

Ideally, this plant thrives between temperatures of 60 and 75 F. However, it also enjoys a little higher or lower temperature than this range for a short period.

If you don’t stick to the umbrella plant care guidelines and leave the plant in less-than-ideal conditions, then it will negatively impact its growth and overall health.

close up of a potted umbrella plant on a shelf

How does extreme temperature affect the umbrella plant?

Let’s see how the extreme temperatures can impact your Schefflera tree:

Very cold temperatures

The umbrella tree is extremely sensitive to cold weather, so any temperature below 50 F will not do it any good.

They can withstand short-term exposure, but creating these as permanent conditions will disrupt their environment and, in turn, will stop their growth.

After exposing your Schefflera tree to such low temperatures for a longer period, the plant will start to wilt, the leaves will lose their color, and begin falling off.

To avoid this, keep the greenery away from any drafts, doors, and windows during the year’s colder months.

Very warm temperatures

On the other end of the temperature spectrum, note that the Schefflera can tolerate a warmer climate – but not for long.

Excessively high temperatures (that is, above 85 F) can really stress the plant. Just like the cold ones, warmer temperatures can make the shrub stop growing, too!

Exposing the plant to high temperatures for a longer time will result in extreme wilting and stunted growth, and the leaves will have burn marks.

To avoid this, give your plant proper air circulation and shield it from direct sunlight during the hot summer days.

Maintaining a suitable temperature ensures they don’t become stressed and lose their original shine.

potted umbrella plant

Umbrella plant temperature maintenance – how to do it successfully

Keeping the plant under optimal conditions will make them look happy, healthy, and constantly growing! If you want to achieve this, here is what you should focus on:

Look for the perfect location

With this plant, it is all about location! The Schefflera may be a low-maintenance plant, but it requires the ideal spot to thrive in.

In other words, it needs a spot where it can receive plenty of indirect sunlight, but not direct light.

Instead of placing it near a heating or a cooling device, place it near a window – you don’t want it to experience temperature fluctuations constantly.

Check the temperature

Frequently check the temperature around the plant. In the long run, this will help you prevent any long-term damage that can happen if it’s exposed to inadequate temperature levels.

Slight adjustments

With the change of each season you will need to make slight adjustments to the temperature or placement of your plant.

As you make adjustments to the overall temperature in your home, you need to adjust the conditions for your Schefflera, as well.

Running heat can be very drying to the air – and your plants. During winter, consider adding a humidifier to create the perfect conditions.

During summer, create air circulation (like running a fan!) to avoid prolonged heat exposure.

potted umbrella plant on a shelf

Stress recovery

Any plant can go under stress because of temperature fluctuations. In this case, you must know how to take the proper steps to help it bounce back.

If you notice that your plant has been exposed to extreme temperatures for a long time, then it is time to take some steps to calm it down. As we mentioned, signs of stress include foliage discoloration, wilting, weaker stems, and stunted growth.

Take immediate action to reverse it! Find a spot in your home that provides better umbrella plant temperature conditions.

Provide it with the humidity it needs, and take care of the overall damage (if there is some).

Remove the leaves that are beyond repair, and allow your Scheflera to shine once again!

Creating the ideal conditions is a crucial aspect of maintaining the overall well-being of an umbrella plant.

Once you understand its needs and requirements, as well as how to meet them, you can take the proper steps to create a suitable thriving environment.

Meeting your plant’s temperature preferences are important for optimal growth and overall health.

Any more questions about umbrella plant temperature preferences?

Thanks for reading!

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