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How to propagate Pilea Peperomioides

The easiest way to propagate Pilea peperomioides is via the plantlets that grow around the mother plant. Here’s how to propagate Pilea Peperomioides!

Pilea (AKA the Chinese money plant) is a super popular, unique looking houseplant.

It’s a fun addition to any collection and is also known as the friendship plant. This is because it’s so easy to propagate and share with your friends!

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If you want to propagate this easy to care for houseplant, look no further!

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How to propagate Pilea

How to propagate Pilea Peperomioides

Pilea is an easy plant to propagate and share with friends and family!

Tools needed:

  • Parent pilea plant
  • Clean scissors
  • Small pot of soil or jar of water

How to propagate pilea

STEP 1: Identify a baby plantlet

Look for the small plants growing on the outer edge of the parent plant,

baby pilea plantlet

STEP 2: Dig around it

Gentyl use your fingers to dig under the plantlet and expose it’s roots.

STEP 3: Cut the roots

Use your scissors to snip the root connecting the baby plant to the mother plant, closer to the mother plant if possible.

baby pilea plantlet removed from plant

STEP 4: Gently remove the baby plant

Pull it out gently to avoid tearing any roots.

STEP 5: Place in soil or water

Place in a small pot with fresh potting mix or in a small jar of water, making sure no leaves are submerged. Place in bright indirect light.

baby pilea plantlet potted in soil

STEP 6: Give it time to grow

Wait a month or so for roots to form. If it’s rooting in soil, you won’t need to transplant it. If it’s in water, move it when the roots are 2 inches long.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you propagate a Pilea leaf?

No – a pilea single leaf alone is not enough for pilea peperomioides propagation. You need some stem for it to root.

Can Pilea be propagated in water?

Yes – pilea cuttings can root in soil or water. The benefit of rooting in water is that it is easy to monitor root growth.

Plants rooted in water tend to root faster because their roots get full sunlight, compared to being buried in soil.

How do you propagate pilea Peperomioides in water?

Simply place your cutting or baby plant in water, making sure no leaves are submerged. Swap the water out when it evaporates or gets foggy and watch roots form!

How long does it take for Pilea to root in water?

It can take 2-5 weeks for roots to start forming on a pilea stem cutting rooting in water.

pilea plant with tiny baby plantlet

Can you propagate Pilea from stem?

Yes, it’s easy to propagate Chinese money plant from a stem cutting.

Where do I cut my baby pilea?

You want to cut down the root system as close to the mama plant as possible to get a bit of that brown stem.

How big should a pilea baby plantlet be before you propagate it?

Let your plantlets get at least 2-3″ tall before digging them up to help them have a bit more established roots!

You can also always let the plantlets grow in place and make your plant more bushy!

Why is my pilea not producing babies?

Healthy pilea plants should be fast growing and producing baby plantlets. If your plant is not, then it is probably not in the best conditions. Check these tips to determine if it needs more or less water and sunlight!

Here are my best tips for how to encourage a pilea to produce pups!

When is the best time to take pilea cuttings?

The ideal time to take pilea cuttings is in the spring at the start of growing season. However, you can successfully propagate pilea all year long!

Can I use pebbles around my pilea plant?

No, do not cover the soil around your pilea with stones or anything else heavy – it blocks the baby plantlets from being able to grow!

Any more questions about Chinese money plant propagation?

Thanks for reading!

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