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What to do if your pet ate your pilea

Pilea plants are beautiful but can be very tempting to cats and dogs! Here is what to do if your pet ate your pilea.

Pets are curious creatures. Cats are especially curious! If you have a pilea plant, your pet might be attracted to the bobbing orbs that are it’s leaves.

If your pet ate your pilea, you might be concerned about the health of your pet and the future of your pet. Let’s discuss both!

More about Pilea plants

What to do if your pet ate your pilea

What to do if your pet ate your pilea

Are pilea plants toxic?

No, pilea plants are not toxic if eaten! Of course, if your pet ate an entire plant, they might vomit just like they would throw up grass. But you don’t have to worry about pilea being poisonous.

How do you revive a damaged pilea?

First you need to assess the state of your plant. If there are zero leaves left, it is very unlikely your plant will survive. You can continue watering it and hope for the best, but don’t get your hopes up.

However, if some leaves remain, it should grow back. Clear off any damaged leaves to have the plant’s energy focus on the healthy existing and future leaves.

You can also encourage your plant to make pups or propagate any existing pups into a new pot.

If the stem of your plant was broken, consider placing it in water to potentially root and become a new plant!

Then, give the remaining plant the best possible conditions:

  • Bright indirect light
  • Lightly moist soil
  • Fresh soil as needed

How to keep pets away from pilea plants

Here are a few ideas to keep your pilea safe from pets in the future:

  • Keep plants on high shelves pets can’t reach
  • Hang plants from the ceiling
  • Squirt cats with a plant mister if they get near it (doesn’t work for my dog, she loves getting sprayed haha)
  • Place double sided tape or aluminum foil near plants to deter cats
  • Cover the soil in the pot if it attracts your pets – beware, don’t put pebbles around pilea plants or the babies will have a hard time breaking through the surface

I hope your pet and plant are okay!

Thanks for reading!

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