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Why is my Neon Pothos turning brown?

Is your Neon Pothos turning brown? Discover care tips for keeping your Neon Pothos healthy and away from brown spots!

If you’ve already explored our Neon Pothos care guide, you’re well aware of its reputation for being a low-maintenance plant. 

Also known as Devil’s Ivy, this vibrant green plant has earned a reputation for bringing good fortune to your home while instantly brightening up any space.

However, as with any plant, you may encounter some issues, no matter how easy it is to care for. 

In this case, you might wonder why your Neon Pothos have brown spots. Naturally, these plants are popular because of their vibrant green leaves, so those pesky spots can be quite concerning.

At Keep Your Plants Alive, there is no green issue we can’t fix – this one is no exception! 

In this blog, we’ll look into why your Neon Pothos are getting brown tips and discuss how to restore them to their former vibrant glory.

Why is my Neon Pothos turning brown?

Neon Pothos turning brown: Knowing the basics

Before we resolve the issue of Neon Pothos with brown spots, let’s take a look at some of the general care requirements for this plant. 

While it’s true that Neon Pothos is less demanding than many other plants, it still requires your attention.


The watering requirements for the neon photos are minimal, typically requiring a weekly shower or two. 

To be certain, insert your finger about two inches into the soil. If it’s completely dry, it’s time to water.


Since the Neon Pothos is a tropical plant, it definitely loves its heat. The ideal temperature is between 15-35 degrees C (59-95 F).


The average house humidity levels are more than enough for neon photos. 

If you live in drier areas, consider using a humidifier.


One of the main reasons your neon photos have brown spots is improper lighting, and we’ll discuss this in more detail shortly. 

That said, you should keep your plant in moderate shade or indirect sunlight. 

Whatever you do, don’t place it directly in the sun.

Why do your Neon Pothos have brown spots?

Sometimes, even though we follow proper plant care instructions, issues can still arise. 

In this case, if you notice that the Neon Pothos are getting brown leaves, you should identify and eliminate the underlying reasons.

  • Overwatering: Excessive watering can be the number one problem culprit for brown leaves.
  • Underwatering: Not providing enough water can lead to healthy leaves turning brown.
  • Low Humidity: If your home has low humidity due to factors like air conditioning, the leaves may start to brown. We recommend that you place a humidifier nearby.
  • Direct Light: As previously emphasized, Neon Pothos require either strong indirect or dim light. Direct light burns the plant leaves, which may be the reason why your Neon Pothos have brown spots.
  • Old Age: Brown leaves don’t necessarily indicate disease. As the leaves get older, Neon Pothos may turn brown and fall off. There is no room for panic here.
  • Lack of Nutrient-Rich Soil: It will help if you fertilize your Neon Pothos every 5-6 weeks using houseplant fertilizer.

Why does Neon Pothos get yellow leaves with brown spots?

One word: pests. 

The reason for Neon Pothos getting yellow leaves with brown spots is spider mites or mealybugs. 

While it’s not typical for these plants to have pests when grown under proper conditions, attracting these bugs is more than possible. 

This is why you should regularly check your Pothos and treat them if necessary.

How to fix Neon Pothos with brown spots

If you love your plant and want to maintain its health and vibrancy, follow these steps:

Check soil moisture 

To prevent brown leaves from overwatering or underwatering, regularly check the soil where your pothos are planted. 

Sometimes, the surface may be dry, while the deeper layers are not.

Proper watering 

Avoid overwatering or underwatering your Neon Pothos. 

You should adjust the watering frequency according to the plant’s size and needs.

Optimal lighting 

You should provide the appropriate lighting requirements. 

Although it grows in nature and stretches quite long, indirect light is the go-to choice for a healthy plant. 

While Neon Pothos can tolerate low light, indirect light is still the best choice for a healthy plant.


If your Neon Pothos is getting brown tips, it’s time to start propagating it. This procedure will prevent its leaves from turning brown. 

Next, you need to sprout the new leaves and plant them in nutrient-rich soil to get new healthy Neon Pothos.

Before you go…

We hope this article helps you address the issue of Neon Pothos with brown spots. As always, explore our other blogs for more Neon Pothos care tips!

Thanks for reading!

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