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Are Neon Pothos toxic?

Are Neon Pothos toxic to pets and people? Learn how to create a safe and vibrant environment with our expert tips.

The Neon Pothos, also known as the Devil’s Ivy, bring a great deal of luck and fortune to your household despite its devilish name. 

Plus, these vibrant green beauties are a favorite houseplant due to their low maintenance and bright, flashy leaves. 

But despite their easy care, you might not be aware that Neon Pothos are toxic. In other words, if ingested, they can be rather harmful to us and our furry companions. 

In this article, we will provide tips on protecting yourself from the poisonous characteristics of Neon Pothos plants.

Are neon pothos toxic?

Neon Pothos toxic or not?: Knowing the basics

Neon Pothos are super easy to care for, beginner-level houseplants. 

They make great first houseplants and won’t demand too much from you. 

That said, before we go into Neon Pothos’ toxic characteristics, we will explain how to keep them thriving in your home.

  • Light – the first and most important point for thriving plants. Neon Pothos can grow in low light but are ideal when placed in strong indirect light. Direct exposure to the sun is not recommended.
  • Watering – this plant is not very demanding, so we can afford to forget to water it, but still don’t make it a habit because we will only do damage. Once or twice a week is ideal.
  • Temperature – Although it is a tropical plant, the recommended temperature is between 15 and 35 degrees Celsius (59-95 F).
  • Humidity – The average humidity in the home is vital for its growth, so additional humidifiers are often recommended.

Are Neon Pothos toxic to humans?

Yes, Neon Pothos are toxic to humans. It is safe for humans to touch any part of the plant or the soil. 

However, it becomes hazardous if you ingest the juices that leak from the plant when its stems or foliage are damaged. 

Even a small amount can be harmful, so ensure you’re being extra safe. 

Also, keep Neon Pothos out of the reach of young children, as their bright leaves may attract them.

neon pothos hanging plant

Are Neon Pothos toxic to dogs and cats?

Neon Pothos can be harmful to dogs and cats, although it’s rarely deadly if they ingest it. 

Dogs can usually interact safely with the undamaged leaves and stems of the pothos plant. 

However, be cautious as the juice within the Pothos stems and leaves contain calcium oxalate crystals, which can lead to skin irritation upon contact.

The same caution applies if you’re wondering, “Are Neon Pothos toxic to cats?”. 

Cats are known for their curiosity and ability to access high or hidden places, so it’s crucial to make sure the plant is well-protected when you have feline companions.

Signs Of Irritation

When it comes to pets, Neon Pothos are toxic to cats and dogs. You can immediately notice if they have ingested them because symptoms typically manifest almost immediately. 

Cats may vomit, drool excessively, and might even have irritated eyes. On the other hand, dogs might experience difficulty breathing and have swollen lips and tongues.

neon pothos
Neon Pothos

What to do next?

In both cases, contact your veterinarian if your furry companions show any of these symptoms. 

Most cats and dogs are not typically attracted to Neon Pothos plants, but it is advisable to keep all houseplants out of their reach for the well-being of both your pet and your plant.

Protection from Neon Pothos

Knowing that Neon Pothos are poisonous, you should have protection if you have children or a pet. 

To protect children or pets from Neon Pothos, consider placing the plant in a higher location, but make sure it still receives proper care. 

Of course, cats can easily reach these places, so if you have one, protecting the pothos with a fence or anything of the sort will keep it safe and healthy.

Despite its toxicity, Neon Pothos is an excellent houseplant. 

It is also considered to be a perfect gift for a loved one, as it is believed to bring luck and money. It is full of opulence and gives a little tropical atmosphere to your spaces. That said, whether it’s for you or someone else, the Neon Pothos will be the perfect addition to your green family.

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