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Why is my purple waffle plant drooping?!

Is your purple waffle plant looking limp? Let’s talk about what causes purple waffle plant drooping and how to fix it!

I love the dramatic purple foliage of my waffle plants. These are pretty easy to care for plants, but they can be slightly demanding about watering.

Purple waffle plants will be 100% fine one minute and completely limp and drooped down the next.

They are *drama queens*

At first, you might think that your plant is dead. Ack! Such a disappointment!

But, luckily, if you catch it pretty quickly (I’d say within 1 day) it is easy to revive.

Check out my waffle plant care guide & how to propagate a waffle plant.

why is my waffle plant drooping

Why is my purple waffle plant drooping?!

Purple waffle plants go limp when they need to be watered.

Plants absorb water from their roots. When there’s no water in the soil, they might use the water stored in their leaves. Then, the leaves and stem go limp.

Waffle plants for some reason get particularly limp very quickly.

For this reason, I suggest keeping your plant somewhere you walk by every day. This way you’ll notice if they are looking sad and can quickly save them!

drooping waffle plant
Sad drooping waffle plant

How to fix a drooping waffle plant

The way to fix a drooping waffle plant is by watering it.

Hopefully your plant is in a pot with good drainage holes. Move it to the sink and soak the soil thoroughly until water comes out the holes in the bottom of the pot and the soil is completely wet.

Shake the plant slightly to help excess water drain out. I let my wet pot sit in the sink for 30 minutes to dry a bit.

It will take 1-3 hours for the plant to fully perk up.

Return to the decorative pot and enjoy!

purple waffle plant
Same waffle plant after being watered

How often should I water my waffle plant?

Waffle plants prefer moist soil and need to be watered slightly more often than the average houseplant. Water when the soil feels dry – for me, it’s usually about every 5 days.

Any more questions about waffle plants?

Thanks for reading!

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