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Why is my zz plant not growing?

Wondering why your ZZ Plant is not growing well? Let’s troubleshoot it and get your plant happy again!

ZZ plants are awesome houseplants that are often sold as “iron plants” that are “impossible to kill”.

I put that in quotes because, you can actually kill them.

Anyways, they are fairly easy care plants and can live in low light and with very infrequent watering.

So, if your ZZ plant is alive – but not thriving – this article is for you!

Be sure to check out my Raven ZZ plant care guide!

How slow do ZZ plants grow?

ZZ plants don’t grow too much in the colder months, but they should be shooting up new growth – as much as 6 inches a month – in the spring in summer. If they aren’t growing in the warm months, they aren’t super happy.

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why is my zz plant not growing

Why is my zz plant not growing?

The number one cause of lack of growth on a ZZ plant in the summer is lack of light. Yes, they can live in a dark closet. They will survive in your windowless cubicle. But, don’t expect much growth.

If possible, move your plant to a slightly sunnier spot.

I had a raven ZZ plant with ZERO growth for over six months. I moved it to a brighter spot and within two weeks it had new growth.

It works!

It is possible but unlikely that you are under watering your ZZ plant. They have a rhizome underground that stores water (like a camel’s hump) and they can go weeks in between waterings – months in the winter.

It’s actually much more likely that you are overwatering your ZZ plant – which would give it yellowed leaves.

raven zz plant

How can I make my ZZ plant grow faster?

Move your plant to a brighter spot to help it grow faster. You can also apply a balanced 10-10-10 or 20-20-20 fertilizer in the spring and summer warm months to encourage growth. Only fertilize once per month!

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