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How to propagate waffle plants

Want to learn more about your waffle plant? Here’s how to propagate a waffle plant!

I love my purple waffle plant. It has a nice, interesting texture and beautiful purple veining on the underside of the leaf. I also love how easy it is to propagate.

It’s really fun to grow new waffle plants from cuttings. I’m all about growing new plants and using them to fill new pots or make my existing pots more full.

purple waffle plant in a pot on a table

What is waffle plant?

Waffle plant is a beautiful houseplant. It grows to be 6-8″ tall and is bushy in shape.

It is super easy to grow and just needs warm temperatures, indirect sunlight, and moist soil. It’s a great beginner plant!

Here is my complete purple waffle plant care guide!

Purple waffle plant grows really quickly. If you notice roots poking up out of the soil or down out of the drainage holes, it’s time to repot to a bigger pot.

I have propagated a lot of waffle plants and really perfected it. Here is how to propagate waffle plants at home!

How to propagate waffle plants

how to propagate a purple waffle plant

Waffle plant (scientific name Hemigraphis alternata) is really easy to grow and propagate!

First, you want to select a stem to take a cutting off of. You want a couple of inches of stem to be able to sit in the water. Cut it off with sharp scissors and then place in water.

Check the water and refill or change the water once a week.

You should have roots in a couple of weeks and it will be ready to plant in soil in about 2 months.

waffle plant cuttings

Make sure you place the plant in a place where it will get indirect sunlight (like a window). I keep mine on the rolling plant rack on our screened porch.

Water regularly and enjoy your gorgeous waffle plant!

Yield: 1 waffle plant cutting

How to propagate waffle plants

how to propagate a purple waffle plant

It is super easy to take cuttings of your waffle plant and grow new plants!

Active Time 1 minute
Total Time 1 minute
Difficulty easy


  • Parent waffle plant
  • Water


  • Scissors
  • Jar or glass
  • Pot with soil


  1. Select a 4-6 inch stem of your waffle plant.
  2. Cut using scissors right above a node.
  3. Remove any leaves along the stem that will touch the water.
  4. Place in water.
  5. Check the water and refill or change if needed weekly.
  6. Roots should be ready for soil in about 2 months.
  7. Plant in soil.
  8. Place in indirect sunlight and water regularly.

Video tutorial

Click here to see a YouTube video of me propagating my waffle plant!

Looking for other easy plants to propagate in water? Check out my post on how to propagate pothos!

Here is a list of other plants that grow from cuttings in water!

What other plants are you interested in learning how to propagate?

Thanks for reading!

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