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Why is my Neon Pothos turning yellow?

Seeing Neon Pothos turning yellow? Get valuable insights into preventing and treating yellow leaves.

As a big plant lover, you dedicate every spare moment to nurturing your beloved green companions. 

While some plants demand daily attention, others are more self-sufficient.  

Today, our focus is on the Neon Pothos, a beautiful (and bright!) plant that is native to the Solomon Islands. One of the best things about the Neon Pothos is its minimal care requirements.

It thrives in indirect sunlight, requires watering once or twice a week, and prefers a slightly warm, humid environment. Sounds straightforward, doesn’t it?

But what should you do when you notice your Neon Pothos getting yellow leaves? 

Naturally, instinct may prompt panic, but we both know there’s no use in that. 

Instead, you need to roll your sleeves up and activate your super green thumb. Of course, you might not know what you should do exactly, but we’re here to guide you. 

In this blog, you’ll learn what to do once you spot yellow leaves on Neon Pothos.

Why is my Neon Pothos turning yellow?

What to do when Neon Pothos leaves turning yellow

As with most plants, one of the main reasons why your Neon Pothos have yellow leaves is because you haven’t fulfilled their requirements. 

Don’t feel disheartened! Issues such as these even happen to experienced green thumbs, so there’s no need to question your skills. 

However, the key is taking prompt action – as soon as possible.

Below, you’ll find some of the most common reasons why your Neon Pothos are getting yellow leaves.

Also, we’ll provide effective solutions to help your Devil’s Ivy regain its vibrant, lush appearance.

Drooping Leaves

Before we jump into the main concerns of Neon Pothos with yellow leaves, we have to address one misconception. 

Some beginners believe fallen yellow leaves are signs of a diseased plant, but that’s far from the truth. 

When this happens, the plant is just going through its regular life cycle. 

In other words, when Neon Pothos leaves dry up and turn yellow, it means they are maturing and in good health.

However, if you notice yellow leaves on Neon Pothos that otherwise appear healthy, it’s time to take action.

Reasons why Neon Pothos getting yellow leaves


The most common cause of Neon Pothos getting yellow leaves is too much water in the soil

You can notice it even before the leaves turn yellow – the leaves getting very soft to the touch. 

This poses one question – how do you see the problem in time?

How to check overwatering

You can check the soil’s texture with your hand – If it is wet and smells bad, it’s a sign of excessive watering. 

Sometimes, the top layer of soil may appear dry, while the soil beneath remains moist due to soil compaction. 

To accurately measure soil moisture, consider using a moisture meter to determine how wet or dry your root ball is.

How to fix rotted roots

If you discover rotted roots (identifiable by their black, foul-smelling appearance), it’s best to carefully trim and remove them, shaking off the old soil. 

After you have done this, you should repot your Neon Pothos plant into new, healthy soil.

Once replanted, establish a regular watering schedule – you don’t want yet another Neon Pothos with yellow leaves!

Golden Pothos and Neon Pothos

Lighting Issues

The light helps the Neon Pothos absorb the water

If you’re confident in your watering practices but still notice yellowing leaves, it is a sign that the plant is not placed in the right light.

Alternatively, in some cases, too much light is the cause of the problem. As previously mentioned, this plant shouldn’t be placed in direct sunlight despite its tropical background. 

Many beginners have previously made this mistake, resulting in a yellow pothos instead of a bright neon one.

To resolve this issue, you should reposition your plant according to its lighting requirements. Ideally, place it in indirect sunlight or moderate shade. 

Only by doing so, yellow leaven on Neon Pothos won’t be a problem anymore!

neon pothos
neon pothos

Nutrient imbalance

Plants love to be fed, too, and we’re not talking about light and water!

It is important you provide Neon Pothos with essential nutrients, though you should be mindful of the balance.

Your Neon Pothos may have yellow leaves due to either over- or underfeeding.

The best way to ensure that your Pothos plant is getting the right amount and balance of nutrients is to use a properly diluted liquid fertilizer on the correct schedule. 

During the summer, this should be done once a month, while in their dormant phase, i.e., fall and winter, you can stop with fertilization altogether. 

Before you go…

By following the tips mentioned above, Neon Pothos with yellow leaves won’t be a problem anymore!

If you need more information on caring for this vibrant plant, check out our Neon Pothos care guide featuring everything you need to know about it!

Alternatively, check out the rest of our blogs for even more helpful tips!

Thanks for reading!

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