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Green Galaxy (Monstera Peru) care guide

Looking for a new beautiful easy care houseplant? Let’s talk about Monstera Peru AKA Green Galaxy care and everything you need to know about these fabulous plants.

Love collecting the latest and greatest houseplants? You’re going to want to add a Green Galaxy Monstera Peru to your collection!

This plant has GORGEOUS huge leaves with a green-on-green texture that is truly stunning.

green galaxy mostera peru

What is Monstera Peru?

Monstera Peru is a species of the monstera plant. It can be grown as a vining or trailing plant. The leaves are huge and have a beautiful texture to them. But, unlike most monstera species, they do not split or fenestrate.

The plants are thick. New growth is lighter green and glossy while older growth is a more matte, deep green.

Other names for Monstera Peru include:

  • Green Galaxy
  • Monstera karstenianum
  • Epipremnum Marble Planet

Monstera Peru origins

This species of Monstera comes from South America (possibly Peru?! The name would lend itself to that!) It is a tropical vine that naturally grows up the base of plants in the rainforest.

costa farms green galaxy plant monstera peru

Is Green Galaxy monstera Peru?

Green Galaxy Monstera is the name that Costa Farms has given to Monstera sp. Peru. Since Costa Farms is the main houseplant seller at places like Walmart, Lowes, and Home Depot, it has become a common and popular name for the plant.

Is Monstera Peru rare?

These plants were rare in the past but as of 2022 are carried by Costa Farms in bog box stores. I have found that they go really quickly once they are there – so check back regularly or ask what days they get shipments in!

Is Monstera Peru toxic?

Yes, all monstera species are considered toxic if eaten. Keep away from curious mouths.

Is monstera Peru a slow grower?

This plant is considered a slow grower compared to other similar plants. It will grow the most during growing season – spring and summer.

monstera peru green galaxy plant care guide

Monstera Peru PDF Care Guide

Join the (free!) KeepYourPlantsAlive+ community to access this exclusive printable plant care guide! Once you sign up, you can right click & save the JPG care guide. Or keep scrolling for more!

Green Galaxy Monstera Peru care guide

Green Galaxy care guide

Green Galaxy Monstera is easy to care for!

Monstera Peru watering

The most important aspect of watering your plant is to be sure that your pot has drainage holes. This prevents water from pooling, which can lead to root rot and the death of the plant.

Read my guide on drilling drainage holes in pots!

How often should I water my Monstera Peru?

Water your plant when the top 2 inches of soil feel dry – usually every 7-10 days. It will need more water in the hot months and less in the cool months.

Does monstera Perus like humidity?

Yes – these are rainforest plants that will thrive on humidity.

Should I mist my Monstera Peru?

Misting your indoor plant is a great way to give it the humidity that it craves!

close up of leaf green galaxy monstera peru

Monstera Peru lighting needs

These plants love bright, indirect light. Remember that they naturally grow on the base of trees in the rainforest.

Can I keep Monstera Peru outdoors?

You can keep monstera outdoors, but keep it out of direct sun. Bright, direct sunlight will scorch the leaves. Remember – they are used to being in the shade of big trees.

close up of leaf green galaxy monstera peru

Monstera Peru soil + potting

These plants will do great in general indoor plant potting soil. Just be sure that it is well draining to avoid pooling water.

Does Green Galaxy like to be root bound?

These plants can live a little root bound, but will be much happier if you repot them in a pot 1-2 inches larger.

Does Green Galaxy need a moss pole?

Your green galaxy plant can be grown trailing (hanging) or climbing. If it climbs, the leaves often get larger. Consider a trellis, bamboo stake, or moss pole to encourage climbing.

Here’s my guide on how to make a moss pole!

close up of leaf green galaxy monstera peru

Green Galaxy fertilization

You can fertilize these plants once a month with any typical houseplant fertilizer.

How to propagate Monstera Peru

It is extremely easy to propagate Monstera Peru in water.

  1. Identify a healthy branch, preferably with new growth
  2. Snip the branch with sharp scissors
  3. Remove any lower leaves
  4. Place in water so at least 1 – preferably 2 – nodes are underwater
  5. Change the water once a week and top off as necessary
  6. See roots form in 2-4 weeks
  7. Once the roots are 2-3 inches long, plant in soil

Read my complete guide + FAQ on how to propagate Monstera Peru here!

rooted monstera peru cutting

Troubleshooting Green Galaxy plants

Why are my monstera Peru leaves curling?

Curling leaves almost always indicate that a plant is underwatered. Give it a good watering or consider soaking the whole pot to really help it perk up. Be sure to let any excess water drain away fully.

How do you make monstera Peru grow faster?

The best thing to do is be sure your plant is well watered and has the right amount of bright light. Give it something to climb to encourage it to grow. Fertilizing can help with growth, but don’t fertilize more than once a month. Otherwise, have patience!

green galaxy mostera peru

Why are my green galaxy plant leaves turning yellow?

Yellowing leaves usually means overwatering. If the soil feels moist, let the plant dry out a bit. If it feels VERY wet or the leaves are getting black and mushy, remove from soil. Check the roots and remove any black, mushy roots. Repot in fresh soil.

green galaxy mostera peru

Why are my green galaxy plant leaves turning brown?

Brown, crispy leaves indicate that a plant is getting too much sun or severely under watered.

Brown, mushy leaves indicate that a plant is overwatered.

Why are my monstera peru leaves so dirty?

The texture of these leaves makes them accumulate dust. Clean them regularly to keep them clean and photosynthesizing well.

See my complete Monstera Peru troubleshooting guide here!

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