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Why is my Monstera Peru getting yellow leaves?

Is your Monstera Peru getting yellow leaves? Here are the top causes, what to do about it, and prevention tips to keep your plant healthy!

Monstera Peru plants, also known as the green galaxy plant, are really beautiful tropical plants often kept as house plants.

These are long, vining plants that can be grown up a moss pole or allowed to trail out of a basket or down from a shelf.

I love the large, dark green leaves with a really beautiful almost snake skin like texture.

Overall, these are very easy care plants, and you can read my complete Monstera Peru care guide here. However, even easy care plants can have issues sometimes.

Today I want to talk about why your monster peru might get yellow leaves, how are you can prevent it, and what you should do to save your Monstera plant once the leaves start turning yellow.

why is my monstera peru plant getting yellow leaves

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Green Galaxy Monstera Peru care guide

Understanding Monstera Peru’s Natural Leaf Shedding Process

It is natural for all plants to shed leaves. Shedding leaves is a normal part of the plant growth cycle.

For normal leaf aging, old leaves will start to turn yellow and then turn brown and then fall off the plant.

The oldest leaves are going to be the leaves are the stem closest to the base of the plant. So, the shedding of lower, older leaves is totally normal and a natural process for all plants.

Why are the leaves on my Monstera Peru turning yellow?

The most common problems with Monstera Peru plants come from:

  • overwatering
  • underwatering
  • lighting issues
  • nutrient deficiencies/fertilization
  • pests and diseases
  • potting or soil issues


Monstera plants do not like to sit in water. They should be watered deeply, until water runs out of the drainage holes in the bottom of the pot.

But, you must make sure that drained water is able to drain away from the pot and allow the top 2 inches of soil to dry before watering it again.

Overwatered plants will have soggy wet soil, can get stinky soil, and might even grow mushrooms.

You will want to dry out your overly wet soil, drill drainage holes in the pot, and scale back your watering to avoid root rot and a dead plant.


On the flip side, you also don’t want to underwater your Monstera plant. Underwatered plants will get brown and crispy – usually brown tips first, and then whole brown leaves.

Another sign that your plant is under watered is if the soil is so dry it’s dusty, compact, and hard.

If it gets this bad, you might need to do something to break up the soil or repot the plant in fresh soil.

Then, water the plant deeply and create a plan and schedule to water it a bit more frequently.

yellow leaf on a monstera peru

Lighting Issues

Another big cause of yellowing leaves on a monstera plant is low light. These plants need bright, indirect light. In the winter, or away from a window, they can benefit from the use of a grow light!

Nutrient Deficiencies and Fertilization Issues

Common nutrient deficiencies can lead to yellowing leaves. If you haven’t fertilized your Monstera recently, or even ever, applying a general house plant fertilizer once a month can help keep the leaves healthy.

But, beware. Over fertilizing is also a super common cause of yellow Monstera leaves.

Always refer to your fertilizer packaging instructions, and it is much better to air on the side of less fertilizer than too much.

close up of leaf green galaxy monstera peru

Pests and Diseases

There are some common pests that can infect your monstera plant.

  • Spider Mites: Spider mites are tiny arachnids that can infest Monstera Peru, causing stippling, fine webbing on the undersides of leaves, and leaves turning yellow or brown. Infested leaves may also show signs of discoloration and premature dropping.
  • Mealybugs: Mealybugs are small, cottony insects that cluster in protected areas on the plant, such as leaf nodes and leaf axils. They feed on plant sap, leading to weakened growth, yellowing leaves, and sticky honeydew secretions that can attract ants.
  • Scale Insects: Scale insects look like small, circular or oval-shaped bumps on the stems and leaves of Monstera Peru. They suck the sap from the plant, causing yellowing, leaf drop, and overall decline in health.
  • Aphids: Aphids are tiny, soft-bodied insects that tend to gather on the undersides of leaves and new growth. Their feeding can cause leaves to curl, distort, and turn yellow.
  • Fungus Gnats: While not as harmful as other pests, fungus gnats can still be annoying. Their larvae feed on decaying organic matter and can sometimes damage young roots, leading to yellowing and wilting of leaves. Prevent them with these sticky traps!

Most of these pests can be treated by wiping the plant leaves down with soapy water and spraying with neem oil.

Always remove an infected plant from other plants, you don’t want the pests to spread!

Potting and Soil Issues

If your plant grows a root bound in the pot and is not moved to a larger pot, it is possible that the roots will not be able to get enough nutrients, and the leaves will start to yellow and drop.

Pull your plant out of the pot. If the roots are tightly wound or growing out the drainage holes, it’s time for a pot 1-2″ bigger in diameter.

Similarly, aeration problems can lead to compact routes. This is easy to fix, use a stick or the end of a wooden spoon to poke some holes and loosen the soil.

Keeping the soil healthy will help to keep your Monstera plant happy.

green galaxy mostera peru

How to Treat Yellowing Leaves on Monstera Peru

The most important thing to remember is that yellow leaves are a warning sign from your plant. It is giving you a clue that there is an issue.

Once you notice your Monstera Peru leaves turning yellow, it’s time to refer to the above list of common issues to try to determine what might’ve changed or what might be going on with your plant.

Once you determine the probable cause, take the steps to try to remedy it.

Move your plant to a space where it will get the best possible conditions, make sure you’re watering is on point, and that there is proper drainage, and remove anything around the plant that could be causing problems.

Sometimes, repotting your monstera into fresh soil can be the best way to solve soil or fertilization issues.

How to revive a dying Monstera Peru

Worst case scenario, if your monstera peru is totally dying, I suggest chopping it into 6-8″ pieces, being sure each piece has a leaf node, and rooting them in water to start the plant over.

Should I cut yellow leaves off Monstera?

Yellow leaves will not turn green again. They will slowly turn brown and fall off your plant. Removing dead leaves is a personal preference and a matter of aesthetics.

Some people let them fall naturally. I remove leaves that are dead enough to pop off when gently pulled.

Any more questions about your Monstera Peru?

Thanks for reading!

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