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The Complete Jade Plant Care Guide

Want to add a jade plant to your collection? This is a super beginner friendly house plant! Here is my jade plant care guide!

One of the first houseplants that I had was a jade plant. It was grown from a cutting from my mom’s plant. I wasn’t really into plants, but it was easy to keep alive and made me want to try more plants!

The Jade plant (Crassula ovata) is a beautiful plant that grows long branches covered in green leaves. This plant is sometimes called the lucky plant.

Jade has thick, woody stems and oval-shaped, waxy leaves. The green jade leaves are so beautiful to me – I just love this plant!

potted jade plant on a table

More about Jade Plants!

Printable Jade Plant care guide

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Jade plant plant care guide

Is Jade a succulent?

Yes! Jade is a type of succulent houseplant.

Are jade plants toxic?

Yes, all parts of the jade plant are toxic to people and pets. Keep them up high to avoid issues.

How do you care for a jade plant indoors?

Jade plants love being indoors because they like warm and dry air. They do OK outside, but should be brought indoors if the temperature is going to drop below 50 degrees over night.

Where should you place a jade plant in your house?

Jade plants need to be in a window to get bright light. Be sure they aren’t getting any breeze, though – especially in winter months. They don’t like to go below 50 degrees fahrenheit.

Do jade plants like to be root bound?

Jade houseplants do not mind being root bound. They should only be repotted every two to three years. After repotting them, don’t water for a week or two to let them settle.


Jade plant care guide

Growing jade plants is really easy!

Jade plant lighting needs

The jade plant light requirements are pretty simple! Jade plants need full light in order to best grow. They need at least 6 hours a day of bright sunlight.

Does jade plant need direct sunlight?

No – direct sunlight can burn a jade plant’s leaves. It’s best to put them in indirect sunlight. I keep mine on my (covered) front porch most of the year and inside in the window on cold nights.

branch of a jade plant

Jade plant watering needs

How often do you water a jade plant? Jade plants need more water than most people think. When the top of the soil feels dry, it’s time to water the jade!

If your plant is dropping leaves, it most likely needs more water.

In the fall and winter, your jade plant might go dormant. If it’s not growing much, it will need a bit less water.

Be sure that your pot has proper drainage holes so that water cannot pool inside. If the roots sit in water, it can get root rot and die.

Try to avoid letting water pool on the plant’s leaves, which can cause mold and rot.

Do I need to mist my jade plant?

No, jade plants prefer dry air and do not like to be misted.

Jade plant soil & potting needs

Jade does best in a heavy, deep pot. These plants tend to get top heavy and can tip over in lightweight or shallow pots.

Soil-wide, select a succulent mix potting soil for best results. These mixes have great drainage, which makes jade plants happy!

jade plant with big glossy leaves

Why are the leaves of my jade plant falling off?

The top reason for jade plants to drop leaves is under-watering. If the plant has dried out completely, they will start dropping leaves to conserve energy.

Jade plants can also drop leaves if they are not getting enough light. If your watering feels ok, then move it to a sunnier location!

Why are my jade leaves getting brown spots?

Brown spots on jade leaves usually indicate overwatering or root rot. Test the soil to see how wet it feels. Be sure that your pot has proper drainage to avoid repeating this problem.

Why are my jade leaves shriveled?

Shriveled, deflated looking leaves on your jade plant almost always mean not enough water. Up your watering frequency or quantity (with proper drainage) and it should perk up!

Why are there white spots on my jade plant?

White spots on jade leaves are caused by excess salt in tap water. Consider watering the plant with distilled water or rain water to avoid this problem.

baby jade leaves growing roots

How to propagate Jade

Jade plants are super easy to propagate from stem or leaf cuttings!

If you have a leaf fall off – or break off a piece of the stem – simply stick in in the dirt. That’s it!

It will slowly grow roots and then sprout new baby leaves from the rooted leaf. It’s so fun to watch the young plants grow!

Read my complete guide to jade propagation here!

Thanks for reading!

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