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How to propagate jade – the easy way!

Jade is a beautiful and easy to care for houseplant. It’s also super easy to propagate! Here’s how to propagate jade plants!

I love my jade plants. Fun fact – they were all grown from a cutting from my mom (and then cuttings off that plant once it was established!)

Jade – AKA crassula ovata – is an easy to care for, beginner level houseplant. It has beautiful shiny green leaves that make propagation a breeze.

More about Jade Plants!

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Jade plant plant care guide

Is Jade easy to propagate?

Yes, jade is so incredibly easy to propagating, it’s practically self propagating!

Jade propagation methods

There are a few great options for rooting jade cuttings!

  • Stem cuttings
  • Leaf cuttings

Those cuttings can either be propagated in:

  • Soil
  • Water

When to propagate jade cuttings

The ideal conditions for jade plant roots to grow are hot and humid. So, summer is best for propagating. That being said, I have successfully propagated jade all year round!

potted jade plant on a table

How do you grow a jade plant from a broken stem?

Yes! Broken stems and leaves are kind of like nature’s cuttings.

You know how I said jade is practically self-propagating? As leaves or stems break and fall into the soil, they almost always grow a new plant right in place!

How to take a jade cutting

If you want to cut a segment of your stem, I suggest Cutting off a 2-3 inch long piece. Simply snip it with clean clippers.

If possible, you want to let cuttings dry off at the cut point – sometimes called callous – before setting it in dirt to root. This just takes 2-3 days and helps to prevent rot! However, in nature many broken leaves fall straight to the soil and usually do just fine.

Can you root jade plant cuttings in water?

Yes, you can set jade cuttings in either water or soil. You will need to suspend the plant so the stem is in water but the leaves are not.

I personally prefer and have more success with soil propagating jade, but either method will work!

jade plant with big glossy leaves

How long does it take for jade cuttings to root?

It takes 2-3 weeks to start seeing root growth on your jade cutting. It takes 2-3 months for them to be rooted enough to be “stuck” to the soil!

What is the best soil to use for jade plants?

Jade plants definitely need a well draining soil. This could be a succulent or cactus mix! Also, be sure that your pot has drainage holes to avoid water pooling!


How do you propagate a jade plant?

Tools and supplies needed:

  • Sharp, clean scissors
  • Pot
  • Potting potting soil (ideally cactus or succulent potting mix)
  • Parent jade plant
  • Rooting hormone (optional)

Steps to propagate a jade plant

STEP 1: Take a cutting

Use clean scissors to cut the top 2-3 inches of stem off of the plant. Or, if you have a broken stem or leaf, you can skip this step.

STEP 2: Dip in rooting hormone

Rooting hormone is a powder that helps to encourage root growth. It is by no means necessary but it does tend to speed up the growth of root systems in plants.

jade leaves set in a pot of soil

STEP 3: Set in soil

Set your cutting on top of the soil. This can be in a new pot or in the same pot where the parent plant is.

For a stem cutting, you can use a pencil or similar to “drill” a hole for the stem to set in. For a leaf, it can just sit on top of the soil.

baby jade leaves growing roots

STEP 4: Wait

You don’t need to water your jade cuttings until they start to form roots. After that, water when the top 3 inches of soil feels dry!

I tend to place my jade cuttings where I want them to grow long term so I don’t have to repot them. They will just grow in place!

tiny baby jade plant

Any more questions about jade plant propagation?

Thanks for reading!

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