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How to revive a polka dot plant

Is your polka dot plant looking a bit under the weather? Discover the top tips on ‘How to revive a polka dot plant’ in our latest guide!

Wallowing over your wilted plants won’t do you much good – it’s time to take some action! 

Polka dot plants are one of the most beautiful decorative houseplants. 

They are popular because of their leaves, regardless of whether it is a mix of pink, green, red, or white leaves.

For their best development, you must actively monitor their needs. 

Although small, they need daily watering, frequent fertilization, pruning, and indirect light. 

However, even with the best intentions, you may find yourself facing a wilting plant.

In such moments, the pressing question becomes how to revive a polka dot plant.

We’re here to provide the solution! In this guide, we’ll show you how to save a wilted polka dot plant.

If your plant is perfectly happy, it would be a good idea to read this blog, too, in case you ever need it, either for yourself or a fellow green thumb.

How to revive a polka dot plant?

Is it possible to revive a dying polka-dot plant?

Yes. It’s possible to revive a wilted polka dot plant.

While these plants demand minimal maintenance, you can experience a few obstacles when tending the Polka Dot plant.

Luckily, each of them is easily solved, so there is no need to worry about how to revive a polka dot plant.

So, yes, you can nurse this eye-catching houseplant back to health by following specific guidelines.

Reasons why polka dot plant wilting

Several reasons contribute to a wilted polka dot plant. The biggest cause of this plant is water, i.e., irrigation. Other, but no less important factors are:

  • Inadequate soil
  • Improper light
  • Pests
  • Disease


Polka dot plant has sensitive roots. There is indeed a need for regular watering, but it should be to a certain extent.

Overwatering can lead to root rot, causing wilting and a sickly appearance.

With this, your plant will already get sick and start to lose its vitality, which means you will have to start the revival process.

polka dot plant cutting in a test tube of water


Underwatering is another issue you need to consider when thinking about reviving a polka dot plant. 

Neglecting proper hydration can lead to root drying, leaf loss, yellowing, and drying of the stem. 

If you do not react quickly, you will hardly save them.

That’s why you must keep an eye on the soil moisture daily to have a happy plant.

Unsuitable soil

Polka dot plants thrive in nutrient-rich organic soil. 

Initially, if you place it in unsuitable soil, you will not notice any changes. However, over time, leaves may drop, soften, and turn yellow.

You may start to think that something is wrong with your irrigation because the soil will not show any specific signs that it is a problem.

Once you’re sure it’s not water, check the soil. That said, take the plant out of the pot and check the roots. 

If it has healthy roots, you can save it. Cut off the rotten roots and transplant them into a new soil special for this plant.

If all the roots are entirely rotten, then there is no salvation for your wilted Polka dot plant.

polka dot plant in a pot

Unsuitable light

Polka dot plants love indirect light the most. They can tolerate short periods of sun but only when it is not very strong.

But if you leave it too long in the sun or shade, you should probably start thinking about how to revive a polka dot plant. 

Fortunately enough, there is an easy saving method in place! 

All you have to do is put the plant in indirect sunlight and see how it performs. 

If your polka dot plant is still wilting, something else might be the issue.


Common pests like whiteflies, mealybugs, and aphids can plague polka dot plants, feeding on their leaves. 

If you don’t react in time, the polka plant will slowly die.


While polka dot plants are relatively disease-resistant, overwatering and poor ventilation can lead to issues. 

Follow our instructions for watering as above. 

Polka dot plants like air humidity, so pay attention to the ventilation in the room.

If the plant already has diseased leaves, remove them immediately so that the stem is not wasted feeding them unnecessarily.

What triggered my polka dot plant to dry?

Two common factors can cause your Hypoestes to dry up:


Polka dot plants thrive in environments with at least 50% humidity. 

Any percentage above this will have a positive effect on your plant.

Alternatively, If the air humidity is below 50 percent, this might be the reason why your polka dot plant is wilting. 

You can keep the polka dot plant in your bathroom with an open window. If you don’t have space there, it would be best to buy an air humidifier.

Lack of water

We return to watering again. Drying of the plant occurs when it does not receive enough water. 

More specifically, this is also considered as the number one reason why it dries up.

For more information about irrigation, read Polka Dot plant care guide.

How do you save a wilted polka-dot plant?

If your polka dot plant is wilting due to dry soil, you have two potential issues: unsuitable soil or insufficient watering.

The first case occurs when organically rich soil is not used. If it is not adequate, the root cannot properly absorb the necessary water.

In contrast, the second case is when you have organically rich soil but forgot or did not pour enough water into the pot. 

We have often mentioned that the Polka dot plant requires constant watering, so stick to the schedule if you want to avoid researching how to revive a polka dot plant (yet again!).

cutting leaves off of a polka dot plant

So how do you save it? – Easy.

If the soil is unsuitable, immediately transplant the plant into a new pot with the right soil. 

It is best to transplant it in the spring, but in some instances like this, you must immediately approach the transplant.

Also, ensure that it’s dry. Too much water can even cause a further shock to your wilted polka dot plant. 

With that in mind, give it some moisture gradually. Once you notice it perking up, you can establish a regular watering schedule.

Tips: Spraying the leaves with water will further refresh this beautiful plant.

With these tips, you needn’t worry about how to revive a polka dot plant! Just stick to them and enjoy this lush plant in all of its spotted glory!

polka dot plant care guide

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