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How to propagate the polka dot plant (hypoestes)

Love your hypoestes plant? Here is a complete guide on how to propagate the polka dot plant in water – the easiest way!

I am really into my polka dot plant! Otherwise known as the hypoestes, this plant is pink and green with a beautiful polka dotted pattern on its leaves.

It grows quickly, super super easy plant care, and propagates from stem cuttings REALLY easily!

polka dot plant cutting in a test tube of water

I will say that my plant cost $1.48 at Lowes (like, what? So cheap!)

It immediately started growing quickly on our screened porch. It honestly got a little leggy (the branches were so long they were bending) so I decided to take some stem cuttings to cut it back a bit.

Well, the cuttings rooted super quickly and easily – no rooting hormone needed! They grew roots super fast in our propagation station and I’m really pleased with the whole process!

polka dot plant in a pot

How long do polka dot plants take to propagate?

Hypoestes propagation is SUPER quick! You will see roots in just 7-10 days and should have roots 2 inches long or so in less than a month!

Polka Dot Plant Care Guide

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Polka Dot Plant plant care guide
how to propagate a polka dot plant in water

How to propagate the polka dot plant (hypoestes phyllostachya)

Polka dot plant propagation is amazingly fast and easy!

What you need:

  • Healthy polka dot plant
  • Clean scissors
  • Jar of water

What you do:

STEP 1: Identify a node

Nodes are the bumps on a stem that leaves grow from. This is also where roots will grow!

node of a polka dot plant

STEP 2: Cut just below a node

Cut directly below a node.

cutting stem of a polka dot plant

STEP 3: Remove lower leaves

Remove any leaves on that bottom node, or any lower leaves that will fall in the water once you place your cutting in water.

cutting leaves off of a polka dot plant

STEP 4: Place in water

Place the cutting in a glass or jar of water. I use test tubes in my DIY propagation station.

polka dot plant cutting in a test tube of water

STEP 5: Place in indirect light

Place the cutting in indirect light.

polka dot plant cutting rooting in water

STEP 6: Plant in soil

Once the roots are 2 inches long, you are good to plant it in soil! Be sure to use a planter will holes for drainage (here’s how to drill drainage holes in ceramic pots) to avoid root rot.

Video demonstration

Watch my video showing exactly how we propagated this polka dot plant!

Any questions about how to root the polka dot plant?

Thanks for reading!

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