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How to propagate cebu blue

Want to turn your cebu blue pothos plant into LOTS of plants? Here’s my easy guide on how to propagate cebu blue plants!

The Cebu Blue pothos plant is a fast growing, lush trailing plant. Because it grows so quickly, you might want to take cuttings from it!

I love taking cebu blue cuttings and using them to fill out my pot or create a new plant. Plus, taking cuttings encourages the plant to grow much bushy instead of long and leggy!

potted cebu blue plant

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Is Cebu Blue easy to propagate?

Yes – Cebu Blue plants are really easy to propagate in water. They are not super fast at rooting, but I have had 100% success rate at propagating cuttings!

How to propagate cebu blue pothos

How to propagate cebu blue

Tools needed:

  • Sharp clean scissors
  • Jar of water
  • Parent plant

Steps to propagate cebu blue:

STEP 1: Identify a branch to take cuttings from

You want to choose a branch that ideally has new growth on the end of it. Choose a 6-8 inch long section with at least 2 nodes.

STEP 2: Cut the branch

Cut the branch off from the parent plant.

taking a cutting from a cebu blue plant

STEP 3: Remove lower leaves

I only like to leave 1 or 2 leaves on my cuttings. You want the plant to focus energy on root growth, not keeping leaves alive. Plus, any roots that sit under water will rot. Snip off any lower leaves.

STEP 4: Place in water

Place the cutting in water in a jar or propagation station of your choice. Sit in bright, indirect light.

fresh cebu blue pothos cutting

STEP 5: Wait

Wait for roots to form. Cebu Blue doesn’t root as quickly as golden pothos propagates, but it will root eventually!

Change the water once a week or when it gets foggy. Top off with excess water to keep the nodes submerged!

cebu blue cutting with roots

STEP 6: Plant in soil

Once the roots are 2-3 inches long, plant them in well draining soil in a pot with drainage holes and treat like any other mature plant!

How long does it take for Cebu blue to root?

In my experience it took 3-4 weeks to see roots on my cebu blue cuttings and a out 2 months for it to be ready to plant in soil.

Can you propagate Cebu blue in sphagnum moss?

Yes, you can propagate cebu blue in LECA, sphagnum moss, or even moist potting mix. I personally prefer to propagate in water so I can keep an eye on the root growth!

If you choose to propagate in soil or sphagnum moss, monitor the humidity levels. You might want to loosely cover the cutting with a plastic bag to create a greenhouse effect!

cebu blue cutting with roots

When is the best time to propagate cebu blue?

The best time to propagate any house plant is during its growing season – usually spring and summer. However, I successfully propagate indoors year round!

How do you identify a node on a cebu blue pothos plant?

Nodes are the brown nubs on pothos plants where leaves or roots grow from. No node, no roots, so they are very important to have on your cutting!

Is Cebu Blue pothos rare?

I don’t think that Cebu Blue is rare – I see it at Home Depot! It is not super common, but it’s not a premium or rare plant at all.

Yield: 1 cebu blue cutting

How to propagate cebu blue pothos

How to propagate cebu blue pothos

Want to take cuttings from your cebu blue plant? Here is the easy way to propagate a cebu blue pothos plant!

Active Time 2 minutes
Total Time 2 minutes
Difficulty easy


  • Cebu Blue plant


  • Scissors
  • Jar of water


  1. Select a healthy branch of your cebu blue plant with new growth
  2. Cut off a 6-8 section of the branch
  3. Remove any lower leaves
  4. Place in water
  5. Wait for roots to grow 2-3 inches long - about 2 months
  6. Pot in soil

Any more questions about Cebu Blue propagation?!

Thanks for reading!

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