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Why is my snake plant flopping over

Is your snake plant flopping over? That’s a common snake plant care issue. Here’s what can cause your snake plant to droop and fall and how to fix it!

Snake plants (AKA mother in laws tongue) are easy care indoor plants that make a beautiful statement with their long, upward growing leaves.

These leaves can grow up to 5 feet tall and are thick and hold moisture, so they can easily survive a drought – or a neglectful plant owner!

Here’s my snake plant care guide!

So, if those leaves start to flop over, it can be disheartening and upsetting.

Let’s talk about why your snake plant is falling over and how to keep your snake plant upright!

why is my snake plant flopping over

Why is my snake plant leaves falling over?

There are a few things that can cause drooping leaves on a snake plant: over watering, the plant being root bound, or insufficient light.


The most common cause of droopy snake plants is over watering. Snake plants don’t need to be watered too often – they can go six weeks between watering sometimes!

When you overwater a plant, water pools around the roots. The roots are covered with water and can’t get oxygen. They rot – and go from white and firm to brown and mushy. They can no longer absorb nutrients and the plant dies.

Overwatering can cause yellowed leaves and a mushy feel to the leaf. When they get mushy, they can no longer support themselves and will flop over.

Root bound

Your plant may have also outgrown it’s pot. When the roots are too crowded, they can’t get enough nutrients and the plant suffers.

Gently pull it out of the pot. Do the roots seems stuffed in, bursting at the seams? It’s root bound and needs to be moved to a larger pot with fresh potting mix!

overhead snake plant flopping leaves

Poor lighting

Snake plants are advertised as being low-light plants, but these plants require some sunlight to survive. If your plant is in a dark spot, move it somewhere brighter!

Are snake plant leaves supposed to bend over?

No, while it happens naturally, a healthy happy snake plant will not be bending over.

floppy snake plant

What to do about drooping snake plant

How do you fix a droopy snake plant?

To fix a drooping snake plant, you will want to identify and remedy the problem that your plant is having.

If your plant is over watered, let it dry out before watering again. Be sure that the pot has drainage holes to avoid pooling water and root rot. Water less frequently!

If your plant is crowded, move it to a pot about 2 inches wider with new regular potting soil.

If the plant needs more light, move it to a sunnier spot!

Will snake plant leaves stand back up?

Drooping or bent leaves will not heal themselves. If a leaf is simply crooked, you can use additional soil to straighten it up.

overhead snake plant flopping leaves

Should I cut drooping snake plant leaves

Once a leaf has lost it’s color or gotten mushy, it’s not coming back to life. I recommend cutting it. Here’s my guide to cutting dead plant leaves!

How do I make my snake plant stand straight?

If your snake plant is not bending but leaning, it might be leaning towards the light source for a long period of time. Give the plant a 1/4 turn weekly to help it even out!

Here is my complete guide to rotating houseplants!

overhead snake plant

What does an overwatered snake plant look like?

Over watered snake plants get yellowed, mushy, drooping leaves. These snake plants lean over and sort of wither into themselves. The soil will feel moist and might even grow white mold!

On the other hand, an under watered snake plant with get brown crispy leaves that feel brittle to the touch.

Any more questions about why your snake plant is droopy?

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