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Why Does Monstera Need a Moss Pole?

Ever wondered why does Monstera need moss pole? Find out how moss poles mimic Monstera’s natural climbing habit, promoting healthier growth and stunning foliage!

Are you looking to add a touch of green to your space with a lovely Monstera?

These plants are a fantastic choice for indoor gardens, but they do need a bit of special care to really thrive, especially when it comes to their climbing habit.

In their natural habitat, they would be scaling trees, reaching up towards the sunlight. In our homes, they miss having these natural climbing plants. That’s where we come in with a bit of support.

If you’re wondering “Why does Monstera need moss pole?” or how a moss pole compares to a trellis or stakes for Monstera care, keep reading to find out the answers!

why does Monstera need moss pole?

Why Use a Moss Pole for a Monstera Plant

As the name suggests, a moss pole is a solid pole-like structure that’s been covered in moss.

Typically, we use sphagnum moss to make this tool, which serves to help plants stay upright as they extend upwards, following their natural growth patterns.

Depending on the material of the core, a moss pole may be firm or flexible. These poles also come in a wide range of lengths and widths. 

The choice should be according to your plant’s needs and the space available to accommodate its growth.

So why does a Monstera plant need a moss pole?

That’s simple because Monstera plants are climbing plants by nature. More precisely, they’re epiphytes that vine up the branches, bushes, and stems of trees and other taller plants in the wild.

As such, Monstera plants require structural support to grow healthy and vigorously.

A moss pole provides an anchoring system similar to the plant’s natural environment, resulting in gorgeous foliage with prominent fenestration.

Without a sturdy surface to latch onto, your Monstera will fall over and grow weak with smaller, duller leaves.

monstera pole

Pros of Moss Pole for a Monstera Plant

Many home gardeners prefer moss poles to other support structures thanks to a bunch of advantages that include:

  • Nice aesthetics: If you’re after a more rustic, wild look, then a moss pole is your best bet. It can boost the natural appearance of your Monstera while allowing you to shape it to your liking.
  • Promote the development of aerial roots: Whether you’re housing one or multiple plants, a moss pole will encourage healthy growth and implement vertical spread. This results in the propagation of aerial roots that absorb moisture and nutrients from the air, further stimulating growth.
  • Straightforward setup: Installing a moss pole is a hassle-free task that any plant owner can perform regardless of their experience level. It’s as easy as pushing the pole deep enough into the soil.
monstera trellis support

Moss Pole vs Trellis for Monstera Plant

A trellis is another support mechanism used in gardening to anchor climbing and vining plants. Generally, a trellis comes in three types, each with a set of pros and cons.

The most common and affordable trellis material is plastic.

Not only does a plastic trellis resist pests and rots, but it’s also unaffected by weather elements such as UV rays and humidity.

While it’s not exactly environmentally friendly, it’s long-lasting. A plastic trellis also provides great aesthetics with non-existent maintenance needs.

However, plastic is prone to cracking under too much pressure. As such, be sure to pick a trellis size that can accommodate your Monster plant weight down the line.

Other than plastic, you can use a wire trellis, which offers the highest level of strength when weaved properly.

You can also opt for the natural option and install a bamboo trellis. It’s budget-friendly, more eco-friendly, and won’t pollute the water like plastic.

wooden stakes

Moss Pole vs Stakes for Monstera Plant

A popular option for supporting indoor plants is wooden stakes.

These cost-effective structures can keep your wallet intact and serve for years on end. Also, some find them to be easier to work with and set up than typical moss poles.

What’s for sure is that wooden stakes are less of a fuss when it comes to maintenance and less prone to damage.

However, they’re a fire hazard, and their all-natural composition makes them vulnerable to pest attacks and rot.

Before you go…

Monstera needs moss pole to receive enough structural support for healthy and vigorous growth. If you want to enjoy the view of those large, fenestrated leaves, a moss pole is a must.

For more information about Monstera plants’ care and support, check out our free printable houseplant quick start guide!

Thanks for reading!

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