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Why is my polka dot plant losing leaves

Troubled by your polka dot plant losing leaves? Get answers and solutions to keep your plant thriving.

In essence, the polka dot plant is a splendid houseplant that can brighten up your home with minimal, yet regular care. 

However, despite your best efforts, problems still arise, leading to your plant looking less vibrant than expected.

It prompts you to question why your polka dot is losing leaves.

In this article, we will discuss this problem and offer practical solutions.

Why is my polka dot plant losing leaves.
polka dot plant care guide

Why is your polka dot plant losing leaves – Causes and Solutions

Leaves are the defining features of polka dot plants, so we need to keep them on the stem. 

There are several reasons why your polka dot plant keeps losing leaves, some of which include:

  • Temperature
  • Underwatering
  • Overwatering
  • Correct lighting
  • Pests
  • Old age

Maintaining temperature

Polka dot plants, also known as Hypoestes, are eye-catching plants, perfect for beautifying your home. 

However, indoor temperatures can fluctuate, affecting these plants just as they affect us.

The polka dot prefers a temperature of 60-78°F (15-26°C). 

Anything higher or lower than those parameters might cause your polka dot plant to drop leaves. 

With that in mind, ensure that you have provided its ideal temperature to restore its vitality.

Bonus tip: Don’t place your plant near open windows.

polka dot plant cutting rooting in water

Proper watering

Like most plants, Polka dots need constant watering. 

Irrigation is done according to a certain measure. Here, we will remind you exactly how it should be.


Insufficient watering of the soil leads to falling leaves of the plant. You may be watering your plant regularly, but it might not be enough.

The best way to determine this is by observing the soil after watering. 

After you pour water into the pot, see how long the soil will be wet. 

If the next day, the soil is dry again, it is a sign that your plant is not getting enough water.


Polka dot plants love water, but not too much of it. 

Sometimes, it’s easy for us to make this mistake, though if often repeated, it may give you the answer of why is your polka dot plant losing leaves.

Not only that, but other root problems or diseases will follow.

Check the potting plate every day. If it has water, it means that you overwatered it. Therefore, pour the same amount of water every day. 

For other problems caused by improper watering, read our post: Why is my polka dot plant wilting?

polka dot plant in a pot


I know you want to keep your Polka dot plant on your window so everyone can see it. 

But it’s essential to choose the right location. Place it on a windowsill facing east or south for optimal results.

Otherwise, your polka dot plant will keep losing leaves.

The best light for these plants is indirect light. Although they can be stored in outdoor conditions, you must be mindful of the light.

It is not a good choice to place it in direct sunlight, even at temperatures between 60-78°F (15-26°C). It burns and softens the leaves, thereby causing them to fall.


Though not frequent, pests like mealybugs, whiteflies, or aphids can be responsible for your polka dot plant leaves falling off.

Every houseplant is sensitive and sustainable to pests. They feed on the leaves of the Polka dot plant by sucking their liquid. 

Thus, they weaken, soften, and dry them, resulting in their falling off.

Thankfully, with swift action, you can eradicate these pests and save your beloved plant.

node of a polka dot plant

Old age

Polka dot plants usually live for about a year. 

However, through proper care and pruning, you can extend their life by two to three years. The choice is yours.

Pruning your plant every spring prevents diseases and keeps it refreshed. 

If you let it grow unchecked throughout the year, it may only survive for one year. Very rarely can a plant last longer with this kind of care.

Our recommendation is to prune it every spring and propagate polka dot plant

This way, you’ll have more polka dot plants to adorn your home or share with someone special.

Unfortunately, everything eventually reaches its end. 

If your polka dot plant keeps losing leaves and doesn’t produce new ones despite trying various solutions, it may be time to bid farewell.

Following these recommendations can significantly improve the health of your eye-catching green beauty, meaning that the question “Why is your polka dot plant losing leaves” will be a thing of the past! 

These recommendations are highlighted only to make it easier for you to grow them. I hope they work!

Before you go…

If you are interested in more information about this beautiful plant, check out our Polka dot plant care guide.

Thanks for reading!

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