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The best plants for a hanging planter

Want to add a hanging planter to your home? Here are the best plants for a hanging planter – indoors and out!

Are plants taking up too much of your floorspace ? Not to worry, just look up!

There is nothing lusher than a lovely hanging planter in your home!

They can be a wonderful addition to any space and provide an enticing fragrance that permeates all around!

But not all plants are meant to be hanging up high in such planters.

Doing your research is important. Knowing which plants work best in hanging planters is what will make all your hard work worth it.

To ease your search, we have created a list of plants for a hanging planter, so you can optimize your space and enjoy these green beauties!

the best plants for hanging planters indoors and outdoors

What plants can be grown in hanging baskets?

There are so many options for hanging plants that picking out your favorite ones will be quite a challenge!

However, finding the most suitable plant means checking the specific requirements and matching them to your home.

Plants for a hanging planter can be both indoor and outdoor, and types may vary depending on where you live.

To further clarify, while indoor plants are self-explanatory, outdoor ones can be kept in your garden or patio when the weather is warm, and you can bring them inside once it gets colder.

However, make sure that you adapt the room to their specific requirements.

Either way, we are full of ideas! Take a look at the most beautiful plants we have gathered and choose one for your home. Enjoy!

What plants go in hanging baskets?

Here are the best plants to put in hanging planters, both indoors and out!

Indoor hanging plants

Christmas Cactus

thanksgiving cactus in a plastic pot

This plant looks as wonderful as it sounds! For all those beginners out there, this is the perfect plant for rookies!

They tend to live very long, and they require almost no maintenance. They are a perfect option for a hanging planter since their long stems fall to the sides.

Sub out Christmas cactus for either of it’s “sister” holiday cacti – the thanksgiving cactus and the easter cactus!

The Christmas Cactus loves shade, so place it in a damp spot with partial shade. Water only when the first two inches of the soil dry out completely.

Chenille Plant

This plant has flowering clusters that bloom for a long time, and with a little bit of humidity, sun, and water, they are good to go!

Add some texture to the place by adding this indoor hanging plant.

Hang this plant from your front window and give your guests and people who pass by something to appreciate.

Rope Hoya

hindu hoya rope plant in a pot on a table

These Hindu Hoya Rope plants are one of the best plants for a hanging planter because they have thick and curly stems that grow very long.

Being unusual in appearance makes them incredibly eye-catching!

You can even hang them in a narrow space, such as a kitchen window or reading nook.

The Rope Hoya differs from other plants in that it prefers small pots and likes staying rootbound.

String Of Hearts

This plant has heart-shaped leaves and stems that look like small vines. They fall from the hanging pot, and when they bloom, they produce white or pale purple flowers.

In most climates, it should be inside, however, in the right conditions, it can also thrive outside too.

Let the soil of the String of Hearts completely dry out before watering it again.

Lipstick Vine

twisted lipstick plant in a pot on a shelf

Lipstick plant is the absolute best plant for a hanging planter comes in the form of a fiery red, orange, and magenta passion that glides over the planter’s edge.

The flowers come in tubular shapes, making this indoor hanging plant a sight for sore eyes! 

Lipstick Vine needs regular watering and indirect sunlight.

Spider plant

Last on our list for indoor hanging plants droops on the outside of the pot.

Since it is a super common houseplant, you must have already seen it somewhere before, but it never ceases to disappoint in appearance with its lovely white and thin green leaves.

Plus, these plants grow baby plantletts on the tips of their stems, making them easy to share with friends!

Cats love this plant because it is not toxic and has hallucinogenic effects.

Outdoor hanging plants

Wave Petunias

As soon as spring comes around the corner, all colors seem to burst! Naturally, you want to do the same with your garden.

Adding these wonderful petunias will let everyone know that you want to show off! They come in bright colors, and they are the ultimate hanging basket staple.

You will need to replant the wave petunias each spring, and they require a lot of sun and water – daily.

Fan flower

Gentle and a little bit shy, yet magnificent to the eye, the fan flower comes in bright colors and boasts an amazing look.

If you want to add some vibrancy to your outdoor areas, these are the ones that will do just that!

These are perennial plants only in zones 9-11, and annuals everywhere else.

Ivy Geraniums

A classic vine that comes in bright red, the ivy geraniums are a staple for outdoor hanging plants.

They will hang from your pots with such beauty, dramatically affecting your entire garden. They are similar to the ivy plant, in that they love hanging pots.

These plants are tolerant to high heat and thrive under the sun – ideal for the summer!


Looking for what plants can be grown in hanging baskets? Look no further than Begonias!

They are quite pleasing to the eye and come in a wide range of colors. In addition, the subtlety of their small flowers will provide a romantic aura to your space.

Begonias require moist soil conditions, much care, and cool nights.

Boston Fern

These are the most iconic outdoor hanging plants you will find! What we love about the Boston fern is the lushness it provides, as well as its distinct green color.

It is quite versatile as well – thriving both outdoors and indoors. They can level up your front or back yard in an instant!

Boston Ferns love warmth but not direct sunlight. Place them on your porch with partial shade.

Trailing Lobelia

This lush plant hangs from a pot with a grace that makes you want to look at it all day. It blossoms purple or white small flowers, providing a whimsical effect.

The lobelia is a native plant to warm climates, so it can even survive in the scorching heat.

To get the most flowers, let them blossom under full sunlight.

Apart from looking gorgeous, keeping your plants healthy is the most important thing to remember.

If these plants for a hanging planter seem to thrive in your home, it means you have provided them with the right conditions – good job! 

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Thanks for reading!

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