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How to propagate a mother of thousands plant

The Mother of Thousands plants is one of my favorites because it is to easy to propagate using the baby plantlets it creates! Here’s how to propagate mother of thousands!

I hope you are excited because today I am super excited to share an awesome plant with you – Mother of Thousands.

how to propagate mother of thousands step by step

Mother of Thousands

Mother of Thousands (Kalanchoe daigremontiana) is also known at the Alligator Plant because of the shape of the leaves – curved and facing each other with “teeth”! It’s also known as the Devil’s Backbone – take a look and you’ll see why!

Those teeth are actually Mother of Thousands babies! Yes, these plants create little plantlet babies all along the leaves, making them really cool and unique looking and super easy to propagate.

Mother of Thousands is a succulent that is really easy to care for – it is loving indirect light, well draining soil, and being waters 1-2x a week on our screened porch.

Here’s my complete guide on how to care for Mother of Thousands!

I will say that I think that these plants need a little more water than other succulents – not tons, be sure the pot has drainage, but they do need water.

I got my Mother of Thousands mother plant at a plant swap at our local brewery. I was intrigued by the unique look of this house plant and am so glad I grabbed it!

They are hearty in zones 9-11, but keep them in a pot!

WARNING: It is best to keep these plants indoors and in pots. When grown outdoors, the plantlets drop and spread and can become invasive. Yikes!

how to propagate mother of thousands

How to propagate Mother of Thousands

STEP 1: Identify a plantlet

Plantlets grow along the edge of the green leaves. I like to wait until they form visible white roots before picking them. You can also allow for the plantlets to fall naturally.

STEP 2: Pop off a plantlet

Gently pop the plantlet off of the mother plant.

STEP 3: Place in potting soil

Place the plantlet root-down in potting mix.

STEP 4: Place in indirect sunlight

Place in a sunny window or anywhere you would put succulents.

That’s it! That’s how easy it is to propagate a Mother of Thousands plant. Watch out because you will quickly have LOTS of baby plants!

baby mother of thousand plantlets

Video demonstration

Be sure to check out our video showing step by step Mother of Thousands propagation!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you propagate mother of thousands from leaves?

How do I get rid of mother of thousands?

How often should I water mother of thousands?

Let your plant dry completely between watering. Water 2-3x a week in the summer and once a week in the winter.

Why are the leaves on my mother of thousands curling?

Limp or curling leaves usually mean either too much water or not enough light.

Is the mother of thousands plant poisonous?

Yes – it is poisonous if eaten in large quantities. Keep away from small pets and small humans – smaller bodies means it takes a lot less to be effected by the poison.

How big does mother of thousands get?

It is said that they can get up to 3 feet tall, but in my experience they stay under 12″ in a pot.

Can mother of thousands take full sun?

It’s better to keep them in indirect light to avoid the leaves getting sunburnt.

Thanks for reading!

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