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Why is my Hoya Hindu Rope Plant yellowing and how do I fix it?

Having trouble with your plant? Here’s why your Hoya Hindu Rope plant is yellowing and how to fix it!

Hoya Hindu Rope plants are beautiful, unique houseplants.

The leaves are thick, glossy, and have a crumpled look.

They grow really well in hanging containers – each branch can grow over a foot long.

These plants are pretty easy to care for, so if yours is doing poorly, it can be very disappointing.

Let’s talk about one of the most common problems with a hindu hoya rope plant: yellowing leaves!

why are my hindu hoya rope plant leaves yellowing

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Why is my Hoya Hindu Rope Plant yellowing?

Hindu Rope plants can yellow due to:

  • improper watering
  • poor drainage
  • temperature changes
  • low light
  • pests
hindu hoya rope plant yellow withered leaves

Improper watering

The top cause of yellowing in a hindu rope plant is going to be improper watering. This could mean overwatering or under watering.

Stick your finger in the soil. Does it feel very dry or very wet?

An over watered plant will often get yellow and mushy. An under watered plant will go yellow and withered.

You can try to fix the watering to help save the remaining leaves. If the soil is very wet, consider re-potting in fresh soil.

I highly recommend bottom watering these plants to avoid watering issues!

hindu hoya rope plant yellow withered leaves

Poor drainage

Poor drainage goes hand in hand with overwatering. If your pot does not have drainage holes, water will pool and lead to root rot.

These plants really don’t like to get soggy and will absolutely wither up if they are watered heavily without drainage.

hindu hoya rope plant yellow withered leaves

Temperature Changes

These are topical plants that won’t do well with cold weather. Check for drafts or if there is an HVAC vent nearby that could be blowing cold or hot air. Then, move it to a spot with a more consistent temperature!

Low Light

These plants can live in medium light, but in low light the leaves will grow pale and die off. It’s worth noting that they do best and grow fastest with bright, indirect light.

If you suspect low light is the problem, there is an easy solution – get it more light!

hindu hoya rope plant in a pot on a table


If pests get inside the tiny grooves of your hoya rope plant, it can be a nightmare. You often have to use q-tips and insecticidal soap to get them all out, and even then, it’s an endeavor.

How do you fix a yellowing Hoya Hindu Rope Plant?

First, you will want to change whatever circumstance is causing the yellowing leaves. Then, remove all yellow leaves – they will not turn green again.

Finally, try to give your plant the best possible conditions to encourage it to grow new growth and fully recover.

Good luck!

Any more questions about yellowing Hoya Hindu Rope Plants?

Thanks for reading!

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