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How to protect aloe vera in winter

Is your aloe vera plant ready for the cold months? Discover essential care techniques specifically for aloe vera in winter!

The aloe vera plant has been known to be very beneficial for a long time- besides being incredibly sturdy and attractive!

Many gardeners take it upon themselves to look after this plant from the comfort of their homes, only because it is very easy.

When the warmer months are over, and winter is just around the corner, you might start panicking about what to do with your plant.

You want to keep it as a decorative piece, and of course, you still want to enjoy its medicinal benefits. Indeed, this plant is a true piece of art!

We are happy to inform you that you have come to the right place!

In this blog, you will learn all about how to take care of aloe vera in winter!

Naturally, the cold season can be ruthless to our green beauties, so extra safety steps are required to protect them.

aloe vera

Why protect aloe vera in winter?

Although sturdy on the outside, the aloe vera plant is quite delicate and gentle in nature and requires a bit more love than usual in the winter months.

Gardeners who want to take care of this plant and live in mild climates should protect them from frost by covering them.

Protection from frost is vital to keeping an aloe vera in winter as this plant is composed of water, and cold weather will only lead to it freezing over.

On the other hand, during the winter months, the indoor aloe vera plants should be kept in a warm and sunny spot, preferably a south-facing window.

A note to remember for all those beginning gardeners is this – you will be tempted to place your plant right next to the window, but don’t do it.

As a rule of thumb, plants should be kept in a bright place but always away from windows to avoid damage from the cold.

While discussing caring for aloe vera in winter, this ‘rule’ is very much in force!

How to protect aloe vera in winter.

How do you protect aloe vera plants in winter?

Here are a few tips you will find handy on your journey to cultivating a thriving aloe vera in winter!

Potted plant

If you want to protect the potted plants from the cold, then you need to bring them in as soon as wintertime comes.

You do not need to wait until outside is freezing to bring your plant in.

Take your pot inside, put it in a bright room, and that’s a perfect start to aloe vera winter care.

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When you take your plant inside, remember to put it in a West or an East-facing orientation.

This is how you can help your plant make the most out of the winter months.

Avoid putting them in contact with the glass, especially if the outside temperatures are extremely cold.

As the windows get cold, they will transfer some of that onto the plant, making it freeze or wilt.


This is something you have probably not heard of until now, but there is a way for you to keep your aloe vera in winter fresh and ready for the next season.

When you do not have enough space to store your plants, you can put them anywhere in the room where they won’t be inconvenient. This will give you a very unique decoration.

Remember to avoid placing it next to air ducts, as they could dry out the plant.

aloe vera


Whenever it’s time to water, we bet you have that gardening spring in your step – ready to take on the challenge of caring for your plants.

But requirements change as the seasons go.

In winter, aloe vera enters a period of vegetative rest, meaning you should rarify the watering schedule.

  • Check the soil frequently to know what to do next.
  • Wait until the top few inches are dry before watering.
  • Always use room-temperature water.

Once spring comes again, you can go back to your normal watering schedule.

Outdoor care for aloe vera in winter

Here are some things to keep in mind when caring for aloe vera over the winter.


If you decide to keep the aloe vera outside during winter, you must live in a mild to warm climate area.

During the colder months, if the temperatures start getting a little too low, then you can always protect your plant by laying mulch at the base of the plant.

This will act as insulation, keeping the aloe warm and moist.

However, this does not exempt you from covering your plant at night with a protective cap.

aloe vera

Recognize aloe vera winter frost damage

Sometimes, people keep their aloe vera outside in winter, and by making one bad move, they have to deal with frost damage.

Recognize frost damage – softened and glassy leaves, damaged roots, and leaves falling off.

If this happens to your plant, you can do a few things.

There is a remedy for everything, so here are a few things to include in your aloe vera winter care!

Protecting from Frost

Depending on the severity of the situation and the general condition of the aloe, here are some tips that can help you save your plant from extreme frost damage:

  • Avoid direct sun, and relocate your plant to a warm and bright place.
  • Avoid watering the plant for a few days/weeks until the leaves dry up.
  • Remove all the damaged parts of the plant carefully and with a clean knife.
  • Check the roots for some severe damage, and if you spot something, repeat the procedure as you did with the leaves.
  • Avoid leaving it near an open window.

Leave it for a while – if new leaves start appearing from the center, your aloe has successfully recovered!

Before you go…

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Thanks for reading!

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