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When to bring plants inside for winter

Wondering when to bring plants inside for winter? Here’s what temp to bring plants inside and tips and tricks for a smooth move!

I love having beautiful, tropical potted plants in my yard.

But, there’s a reason that those plants are potted and not native.

Many plants cannot tolerate cold weather and will die if left outdoors for the winter.

Of course, what winter is varies greatly depending on where you live. Let’s talk about what temperature should I bring plants inside and the best tips to winterize plants!

how and when to bring plants indoors for winter

When to bring plants inside for winter

In general, you want to bring your plants inside when the overnight temperature will drop below 50 degrees.

Depending on where you live, this could be all winter or it could be just a few nights. We live in coastal South Carolina and so our cold nights are pretty sporadic.

If your plants will be in for weeks or months at a time, you will want to set up space for them in your home to sit long term. This could mean adding shelving or hanging hooks.

If your plants only come in occasionally, consider putting them on a rolling plant stand that you can roll in and out as needed.

If you don’t have enough sunny windows, you might want to invest in grow lights or a small green house for your winter houseplants.

At what temperature should I bring my houseplants inside?

Most houseplants should come indoors when overnight temperatures drop below 50 degrees.

Should I bring my houseplants inside tonight?

What is the overnight low temperature? If it is below 50 degrees for more than an hour or two, you will want to bring potted plants inside. Better safe than sorry!

box of potted plants packed to move

How do you debug plants before bringing them indoors?

If you plan to bring your plants indoors and leave them indoors for the winter, I suggest cleaning them first.

  • Trim any dead branches or leaves off prior to moving the plants indoors
  • Wipe the pots with a damp cloth
  • Wipe the leaves with a cloth with soapy water OR rinse plants well with the hose
  • Spray neem oil on the plants to kill any remaining pests
  • If you are bringing your plants in for the long haul, consider acclimating them slowly. Move them in for night, then out during the day for a few times so it’s not suddenly 24/7 indoor conditions.
  • Remember that indoor plants tend to need less water – especially in the winter – compared to outdoor plants. Check the soil with your fingers for moisture before watering.
  • In general, you should not fertilize plants in the winter.

Should I spray my plants before bringing them inside?

You don’t have to spray your plants before bringing them indoors, but if they are coming in to stay, it’s a good practice. This can prevent insects from infecting your home and other indoor plants.

Any questions about bringing plants inside at night?!

Thanks for reading!

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