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Are your houseplants dying and you don’t know why?


Let me show you how to grow bigger, better, magazine-worthy houseplants!
PS – no green thumb required

The Plant Care Journal will take the stress and guess work out of growing amazing and luscious plants for your home.
Houseplant Care Journal Mockups

Get the complete suite of printable pages that will transform your houseplants from droopy to amazing in no time!

Watering schedule – make sure your plants never get thirsty again!

Care trackers will ensure that your plants are growing in the right environment.

Quick care guides mean no second guessing your plants’ needs!

Propagation logs help you learn the fastest methods for growing your plant collection.

originally $19.99

Now only $9.99!

Hurry Up!

What if you never had to stress about keeping your plants alive again?

Our Plant Care Journal will take away the overwhelm.

You’ll get my complete suite of printable journal pages to help you track each step of your plant care journey.

Tell me if this sounds like you: you love plants, but your struggle to keep them happy.

You hate seeing your plants struggle and you feel like you are wasting time and money on dead plants.

What if there was a way to create a plant care system, track your plant care steps, and stay on top of your plants needs?

That’s exactly why I created our Plant Care Journal.

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Create a system to keep your plants alive using our Plant Care Journal.

Hurry Up!

Our Plant Care Journal is a collection of 14 worksheets to help you track every aspect of houseplant ownership.

For a limited time, get our Plant Care Tracker for 50% off!

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See all of the amazing things you will now be able to do:

  • Schedule and track your plant watering, fertilizing, repotting, and propagation
  • Take daily or monthly observations of your plants growth
  • Monitor problems – so you can stop them before they escalate
  • Track the care needs for each specific plant in your collection
  • Create a shopping list to keep on hand for dream plants and accessories

Does this sound like you?

Right now, you’re struggling with keeping your plants alive.

You’re afraid to waste time and money on any more plants.

You love plants and wish there was a way to care for them so they grow bigger and stronger every day!

This is a system that you need. Learn what works for your plants and do more of it!

Imagine if…

  • You were able to keep better track of your houseplants.
  • You could note which conditions help your plants flourish.
  • Your brown thumb turned green and you were able to add new plants to your collection.
  • You were the one giving plant advice instead of looking for it.

This can happen for you with our amazing House Plant Care Journal.

Hurry Up!

Hello! I am Morgan McBride.

I have been blogging about DIY and home decor since 2012. As a part of that, I have been collecting indoor and outdoor plants for many years.

But, when the pandemic hit, I dove deeply into learning how to make the plants I have really thrive.

I learned that there is no one size fits all solution for each plant. You have to observe your plants regularly and track your plant care steps to really determine what works for each specific plant in your home.

I am taking everything that I have learned and bundling it into my Plant Care Journal so you can use it, too!

Morgan mcbride headshot

What’s in the Plant Care Journal?

Check out some of what’s included!

  • Watering Schedule & Tracker pages
  • Repotting Tracker
  • Pest + Disease Log
  • Propagation Log
  • Fertilizer Tracker
  • Plant Change Log
  • Plant Shopping List
  • Monthly Care Tracker
  • Daily Observations Sheet
  • Monthly Observations Sheet
  • Tracking by Plant
  • Plant Care Card
  • our amazing Quick Care Guides!
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The Plant Care Journal is a total value of $19.99, but get it today for only $9.99.

Hurry Up!

Who is the Plant Care Journal for?

You are brand new to houseplants

You love pictures of houseplants on Instagram, and would love for your home to have that aesthetic. But, you’re scared to get started.

The Plant Care Journal will give you the confidence that you can keep your plants alive – and that they won’t be a waste of time and money!

You have a couple of plants and want more

You have a few plants – and they do OK – but you’d like more for that indoor jungle look.

The Plant Care Journal will empower you to understand what makes your current plants thrive – and help you decide which plants would be the best addition to your collection.

You have a TON of houseplants!

You have a TON of plants and love how they look. But sometimes, a few of them start struggling.

The Plant Care Journal will guide you to make a complete care plan for your collection. You’ll never miss a step again.

By tracking the changes in your plants, you’ll soon recognize patterns and be able to make your care for them even better!

How does the Plant Care Journal work?

The Plant Care Journal is an eBook – which means that after purchasing it, you will receive an email with a link to download the printable PDF file.

You can then view the eBook on your computer, tablet, or phone, or print it and read it on paper!

You get instant and lifetime access!

Refund policy

Due to the digital nature of this product, there will be no refunds after purchase.

Imagine yourself a month from now

With our plant care journal, you could create a plant care routine and put it to paper, tonight.

This time next month, your plants will be rewarding you with perky branches and happy green foliage.

Houseplant care journal mockup

The Plant Care Journal: Keep track to keep your plants alive.

What if you never had to stress about keeping your plants alive again?

With our Plant Care Journal, there’s no need for stress. You’ll learn how to track your plant care so you never miss a thing.

Hurry Up!