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Which plants like banana peels?

Want to feed your plants? Many love banana peels! Let’s talk about which plants like banana peels and how to use them in your garden!

Plants need sun, water, and nutrients to flourish. One way that you can get nutrients to plants is with banana peels!

how to make banana peel fertilizer for tomato plants

Why are banana peels good for plants?

Bananas contain a ton of potassium, which is 1/3 of fertilizer (along with nitrogen and phosphorus). Potassium helps plants move nutrients and water between their cells. It is especially helpful for plants that fruit or flower.

They also contain small amounts of manganese, calcium, magnesium and sulfur, all of which plants enjoy. They are not however a full replacement for fertilizer as they do not contain nitrogen.

Finally, banana peels have been known to help to repel aphids. So, if you have having a problem with them, it’s worth a try!

How can you give banana peels to plants?

You can simply throw banana peels under your plants and let them decompose there. If that is attracting bugs or critters, you might prefer to make DIY banana tea for your plants!

Finally, you can bury banana peels in the soil near your plants to keep them off the surface! They tend to break down faster this way, too.

which plants love bananas

Which plants like banana peels?

Banana peels are especially good for plants that flower or fruit.

What plants benefit from banana peels:

Should you use banana peels in potted plants?

You can use banana plants in potted plants, but I do not recommend using banana peels on indoor plants as it attracts gnats. Here’s how I use sticky traps to get rid of gnats!

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Any more questions about banana peels for plants?!

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