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The complete Hurricane Fern care guide!

Looking for a unique but easy to care for houseplant? Let’s talk about Hurricane Fern care and if it might be right for your home!

I recently had to accept that the space at the top of my stairs was killing my string of bananas and I needed to replace it with something that could live with lower light.

I was strolling the indoor plant section at lowes when I stopped in my tracks.

Hello, it was an asplenium hurricane – a beautiful spiral of a plant that would work well in medium to lower indirect light.

Cha-ching it went right into my basket and now it is happy on my landing! Let’s talk about the plant care for these easy plants!

Printable Hurricane Fern Care Guide

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hurricane fern plant care guide
hurricane fern care guide

What is a Hurricane Fern?

Hurricane Fern is the common name for Asplenium antiquum, a twisted birdsnest fern!

Be sure to check out my Leslie’s crested birds nest fern care guide!

Other names for the Hurricane Fern include:

  • Asplenium antiquum
  • Twisted birds nest fern
  • Asplenium hurricane
  • Hurricane bird nest fern
  • Asplenium Antiquum hurricane

Is a Hurricane Fern rare?

Like I said, I got mine at Lowes, so that makes them not rare to me. However, they are a relatively new plant.

hanging hurricane fern

Is Hurricane Fern toxic?

Hurricane Ferns are non toxic and safe for pets and people.

How big do Hurricane ferns get?

These plants can grow 2 to 3 feet wide in the right conditions – they can be pretty large plants!

Can you keep a Hurricane Fern outdoors?

Yes, these plants do well as outdoor hanging baskets. They just need high humidity and shady conditions. However, indoors they are touted for their air purifying properties.

hurricane fern being held in a pot

Do Hurricane Ferns grow quickly?

No, these are typically slow growing plants. During growing season, the plant will put out a lot of new leaves from it’s center. Don’t touch them until they are fully formed or you risk crushing the delicate leaves.

Hurricane Fern Care guide

Hurricane Fern watering needs

Water these plants when the top inch of soil feels dry. I suggest leaving them in the nursery pot inside your more beautiful pot to allow excess water to easily drain. If you move them to a new pot, be sure there are drainage holes.

Be careful when you water these plants to not let water pool in the center of the twist of the plant (the eye of the storm as it may be!) This pooling water can lead to rot!

hurricane fern

Should I mist my hurricane fern?

Hurricane fern prefers high humidity, and misting it is a great way to keep it happy! They also do really well in a steamy bathroom.

Hurricane Fern lighting needs

These plants do well in moderate shade with filtered, indirect light. Bright, direct light will burn their leaves. North facing windows are perfect!

overhead hurricane fern

Hurricane Fern soil and potting needs

These are epiphytic plants, meaning they grow in the nooks and crannies of large trees wild in the jungle.

For that reason, they don’t develop huge root systems and they don’t often get rootbound.

However, they can grow very top heavy. So, it’s time to repot them if the top of the fern is significantly wider than the base of the pot, causing the pot to tip over.

Soil can be regular potting mixes, just be sure there is plenty of drainage!

hurricane fern in a pot

Hurricane Fern troubleshooting

Why is my hurricane fern dry?

Dry or crispy leaves usually indicated that your plant needs more moisture – try misting it or increasing your watering schedule.

Why is my hurricane fern yellowing?

If the leaves on your fern turn yellow, it almost always indicates overwatering. Be sure the pot has plenty of drainage and only water when the top inch of soil feels dry.

yellow leaf on a hurricane fern

Why does my hurricane fern have brown tips?

Brown tips of the fronds usually indicate a draft blowing cool or warm air on the plant. Try to keep it between 60 and 80 degrees, away from any drafts!

Why is my hurricane fern lopsided?

These plants can grow towards the light. Rotate your plant weekly 1/4 turn to help give it a more balanced look.

Any more questions about the hurricane fern?

Thanks for reading!

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