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Snake Plant Not Growing Straight – And How to Fix It

Is your snake plant not growing straight? Find out how to identify causes and apply solutions for a healthier, upright snake plant.

Have you noticed your snake plant, also known as Dracaena Trifasciata, not standing tall and proud as it should?

This unique plant, with its stiff, sword-like leaves, can shoot up to eight feet or stay humble at six inches. But when its growth goes wonky, it definitely catches the eye.

Eventually, many snake plants will stop growing vertically. It may lean to one side even if it is now fairly tall.

So, why is your snake plant not growing straight or lean? Let’s explore why this happens and what you can do about it.

snake plant not growing straight

Why Snake Plants Don’t Grow Straight

The most common reason for your snake plant not growing straight is due to improper care.

A small pot, underwatering, overwatering, a temperature dip or insufficient light in the surroundings can all be the cause of this.

1. Seeking light

Plants in nature love light, and your snake plant is no different. If it’s getting light from just one side, it’ll start growing towards it.

This can lead to a slanted look, which, let’s be honest, isn’t what we’re going for.

2. Tight Space

Another factor could be the size of the pot. If the roots are cramped, the snake plant may not grow straight.

Even if snake plants don’t always grow in rows, there’s clearly a problem if they start to spread out.

sansevieria snake plant wilting watering

3. Overwatering

Overwatering is a frequent issue with indoor plants. Snake plants need less water, and too much can lead to root rot.

An excessive amount of water combined with poor drainage will cause rot to destroy the root system, giving the plant an uneven appearance.

This can make your snake plant tilt to one side, especially if the soil gets soggy and heavy on one side.

4. Temperature Changes

Sudden changes in temperature can also affect your plant’s growth, potentially leading to uneven growth.

snake plant leaves

5. Bad Lighting

Another cause of snake plants not straight is inadequate lighting. While snake plants can tolerate low light, they prefer bright, indirect light.

Your plant may droop or develop twisted leaves if it is situated in a location with little light.

It will reorient its growth to face the direction in which it receives the majority of its light.

How Do I Get My Snake Plant to Grow Straight?

You may be wondering if your leggy snake plant will straighten out again if it has started to lean at an angle. Yes, it is possible.

Here’s a simple guide to get your snake plant standing tall again.

snake plant window light

1. Adjust the Light

The first step is to check the lighting.

If your snake plant isn’t growing straight, try rotating the pot. A consistent rotation schedule can encourage balanced growth.

Rotate the plant gently from the base to prevent any damage, and do this regularly – maybe when the sun is rising.

If the plant leans in one direction, gently turn it towards the opposite side to encourage straight growth.

2. Fix the Watering Schedule

Watering plays a huge role in your plant’s health. Overwatering or uneven watering can cause leaning.

So, the best thing you can do for your plant is to keep an eye on how much water it receives from you and how much it needs.

If unsure, think about using a moisture meter. Recall that because snake plants are succulents, they can store some water and withstand brief droughts or neglectful irrigation without suffering irreversible harm.

Instead of pouring water directly that might penetrate one side of your plant more than the other, you can water it more evenly by using a spray bottle. This may prevent the snake plant not growing straight.

sansevieria snake plant

3. Place It in a Different Pot

If your snake plant is outgrowing its pot, it might start to lean or even become rootbound.

Repotting into a slightly larger container can give your plant the space it needs to grow properly.

Choose a pot that’s just a size bigger to give it ample room without overwhelming it.

wooden stakes

4. Use a Stake

Using a stake is a great way to support your plant and encourage it to grow straight.

You can insert a stake gently into the soil, close to the plant base, and tie the plant to the stake loosely.

If you decide to stake your leggy snake plant, be sure the stake you use is strong enough to support the plant’s weight without buckling or breaking.

Using sturdy materials for stakes, like bamboo, metal, or wood, is best. Stakes are a low-cost solution that ought to last for a while.

5. Use a Tie / Rubber Band

If the leaves themselves are bending, you can use soft ties or rubber bands to gently guide them into growing straight.

Be careful not to tie them too tightly to avoid damaging the leaves.

After about a month, check the ties. If the snake plant is still not straight, you may need to repeat the process.

Want to Know More?

Although snake plants are resilient, they still benefit from thoughtful care.

With these tips, you’re well on your way to keeping your snake plant growing straight and healthy.

For more information on caring for this and other plants, feel free to explore our other blog posts!

Thanks for reading!

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